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better channel: https://www.youtube.com/slazo

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Chris Tyler
Saying magical mommy toys does not sound good not B===])
WTF! Is with the wet floor signs nowadays FFS. Back in the day if your perception skills where sh*t you fell over and bumped your a$$ and ended up looking like a fool. Nobodies fault but your own for not recognising the floor is wet. Sure this is in place to raise sheeple.
Skylar Hylian
What's the music from?
spice E
“Magical mommy toys” alright
D Madd11
Throwing pitchers of water on someone would land you straight in court for assault and property damage... I call complete bullshit
Saptarshi Roy
This guy really sounds like slazo
Evan DenBesten
You should do r/slazo
The music in the background is really annoying and distracts from your story!
Eve g
Michael Flores
5 seconds in and I thought I had pressed on a slazo video by mistake
Nicholas Fortunato
Why do u sound like slazo
Simon Lup
There’s a guy that has a youtube channel called Slazo, and you sound just like him!
14:10 I wonder how many complaints about destruction of private property that bar has gotten from all the water damage done to personal electronics and medical devices....
That first story was utterly awful. The landlord and the tenants were both to blame. Normally, when Emails clearly are not being responded to, it is a good sign they won't work well in the future.
Jack Smith
It’s Gio
damn... i really binged all your videos...
dAspie David
"Don't worry, it's not food"
Literally had to get myself to stop giggling.

Edit: now I have to get the image of that guy spinning in the chair with a childish look out of my head.
Squirrel Fish
*angry confusion* I'm sure I heard this on Slazo's channel. Emkay lists slazo's channel. *holds out hand in wonder* Is this a Slazo?
that boss ice drink thing was awsome
Kyle Bear
Wow my dude...you didn’t have this account long, but 101k subs? Proud of you, Michael!
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r/maliciouscompliance - "I'll Give You An HONEST r/Maliciouscompliance | "MY BOSS SAID..." 2 days ago   11:04

r/maliciouscompliance where the landlord has enough of their tenants for being horrible. Then gets asked for a favour...

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