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This Nursery Rhyme video for kids has over 40 minutes of educational videos for kids. This extended educational video for kids has nursery rhymes and general educational videos in it.
ABC Song, The Days of the Week Song, Counting 1-10, Many colors, Numbers Song, and so much more
Incorporating tractors, airplanes, monster trucks and things like that to keep your child entertained. This single 40 minute video has 10 videos within it!

Blippi Compilation 1 hour:

Number Song:

Backhoe Excavator:

Tractor Song:

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Nixon and Toys
Yay Blippi !!
Aamna Akhtar
Hey ! The color of the sun certainly DOES NOT match with yellow airplane .
Aamna Akhtar
My 5 year old brother loves your videos
White Snow
Franchesca Etheridge
Kerry Inman
Sonia Tandon
Jaqueline Vega
Goodie Goodieable
Andrew Potter-Cross
You went to the tocoma dome for the monster jam
Brandon Crossley
Mustafa Mahamid
Lord Julius Nyerere
DaGooby Goob
DaGooby Goob
Laker Hu
Duh monster trucks have 4 wheels
Nancy Deleon
veronica trejo
Brenda Herring
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Crafts for Kids - Airplanes for Children Nursery Rhymes - Educational Videos 7 months ago   14:18

Crafts for Kids Airplanes for children Construction Paper art. Airplane art for Children and Kids who enjoy Arts and crafts and airplanes. Shows children how to make airplanes fromconstruction paper! Crafts for kids of airplanes. Fighter Jets, Small airplanes, Large airplanes.
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