Horses Jump Fire & Venezuela's Hungary Is Locking Up Migrants In Shipping 2 days ago   21:48

This is the January 28, 2019 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:20 European countries have called on Venezuela to hold an election within eight days or it will recognize opposition leader Juan Guaido’ as interim president. We look at the political crisis in Venezuela as the presidency of Nicolas Maduro is challenged.

7:21 Luntz talks with Californians about the Shutdown and state of our union.

12:02 Vice News spends a day with FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel in the dark hallways of her furloughed office building, where she explains what the FCC should be doing, but isn't, and why that will probably result in a whole lot more illegal phone spam.

17:12 For the past 500 years, it has been tradition in the small Spanish village of San Bartolomé de Pinares to ride horses through bonfires on the 16th of January. The annual festival known as Las Luminarias honors Saint Anton, the patron of animals, and historically was thought to purify and protect the horses in the year ahead.

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James Hanninen
These people are gonna gmotsnt he’s gonna teach em
b- dubz
Why's Vice doing puff pieces for Trumps coup in Venezuela?
Lars M
Of course the Russian supports Trump.
Channel ႿII
16:48 - Getting tired of these people who think they have it all figured out, simply because they have an opinion-- that was shaped by the supposed facts (opinions) of other/older guys... I'd love to know what her "crisis" was during 2008-2016, because I doubt the idea of a "wall" was ever in her mind, yet alone in the category of a crisis. #ShapeYourOwnOpinionWithResearchAndFacts
A'chik chamdamberangna maths
Holding elections within 8 days ..are u crazy ...people need more time fo4 campaigning and all that stuff
1 president, 1 US puppet
Middle East treat women like property, it’s almost 2020, time to change that mind set
jo s
That dude cant even speak english right speaks with an accent and says its not okay for people jump fences
Jonathan Allen
They should do exactly what Peru did with their commies. Put them on an island.
Edward Cassidy
The US putting sanctions on them, of course, had nothing to do with it. Now we will give them humanitarian aid, Drones with missiles.
*the thic sauce* 9:06
D Flatt
8:12 Geez that's one hot mama
yeayou zazoo
Venezuela's Obama😆🤗🤪
how is it that all of the die hardest trump supporters in that panel have some sorta weird facial structure -thing going on?
Costamesa Westside
Politicians should also not get paid during a shutdown
Austin Foxworth
Ahh how ironic: the real hate group media platform plays the victim card. Who's the snowflake now?
Teo San
Ok... for all the people that made comments on the situation presented on this video , that are not Venezuelan or have family in Venezuela, I'm gonna try to explain what the people of my country are expecting and desperately want. This people are dying on the streets without any food, water, medicines I mean nothing; meanwhile maduro and gang are stealing still stealing anything that they can their hands on. The situation is really desperate and as much as I despise trump and CO. and I'm aware trump is trying to deviate attention to his own personal shit; talking about Venezuela, this Is actually working for the people there, ignored for decades for the rest of the world, because this is nothing new, it's been happening since mid 90's.
I left Venezuela 27 years ago and chavez was already wreaking havoc there, taking everything from the biggest Oil reserves in the entire world, to Gold, Iron, Uranium. As ignorant and stupid chavez was, he was a mastermind on manipulation, just like hitler or mussolini, he made believe Venezuelans that they were the answer to stop the rampant corruption of the 2 parties: Accion Democratica (Democrats) and Copey (Republicans). The result is this horrendous Humanitarian Crisis. When chavez died, Cuba, Russia and China intervene appointing this idiot, even more stupid and ignorant ; maduro, so they could get their hands on the endless reserves, taking Venezuelans to an inimaginable state of chaos. Yes, Venezuelans are aware of the dangers of letting US entering to stop the massacre that is happening every single day, but, maduro will NEVER leave power unless an external entity take Venezuela by force. VENEZUELANS WANT THE US TO INTERVENE. Got it?
Shaking Ashitpie sorry Ajit pai's hand must be like dipping your hand in a septic tank
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Hungary Is Locking Up Migrants In Shipping Horses Jump Fire & Venezuela's 2 days ago   06:33

A new law in Hungary sends a clear message to would-be-border crossers: Don’t even try.

The tough, new measure gives border authorities the power to detain asylum-seekers indefinitely and house them in converted shipping containers until their cases are heard. The country’s hardline Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, says it’ll save Europe. But the U.N. says it’s illegal.

At the height of the refugee crisis in 2015, as many as 13,000 people crossed the border in Hungary everyday. But now, few succeed. Currently, at least 8,000 refugees and migrants are stuck in Serbian camps waiting to cross into Hungary, which only allows 10 people per day to enter legally.

VICE News Tonight's Hind Hassan reports.

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