NO CHECKPOINT AND BLOCKING THE ENDING!? WHY!?? Minecraft Funny Moments: The Minority 1 day ago   38:03

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Give Dashie a thumbs up for clearing that insane level from Allure, that dude from Finland!
Tian Tran BBC
How am-i when that game it has no checkpont and block the ending? You have to get the on-off swich and you can get the endingShet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Parry Winkle
25:45 Sometimes I ask in life if you can ever bleak brocks with green shits.
christopher maldonado
13:43 “Ima take one more stab at this” goes from 17 to 28 in an instant LMFAOOO
Fernando Becerra
:When u put it in the wrong whole/ 6:44
Old Account
Andy Madera
15:36 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Eric Guerrero
Welcome back too soup - super Mario maker except it is 2!!!!!

Read this DASHIE
Erichi Mira

Take a celebrity, give him/her a few dollars! Congratulations, you made Starbucks!
*Dashies phone vibrates*
(call from Tina)
Dashie: 23:00
@ the 5 minute point u made my search and purchase that sponge Bob coffee mug 😁$32.99
Ben T.
4:45 - 4:48 I thought Dashie was starting to cry, fam 😭
Noob Tube
32:54 his face lol
Benjamin Zandstra
We got 73k likes!
The Runaway Kid
DACHIE, DACHIE on that first level the guy who made it was from Finland I know my flags from my football
epic alogent
THREEP! Play slenderman in 00:00 AM And All lights turned off.
SuperSAND 2
😂 4:08
RealJ Gaming
Did i see a jojo reference on here😂😂
Gilbert Justiniano
Your intro should be: “WELCOME BACK TO SUPE, SUPER MARIO MAKER, MARIO MAKER 2!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Alonso Lupercio
Dachie you forgot to say HOES!!!!
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Minecraft Funny Moments: The Minority NO CHECKPOINT AND BLOCKING THE ENDING!? WHY!?? 1 day ago   20:35

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