ISIS Leaves Behind Children Caught on camera: Life under 1 day ago   06:59

Nine months into the campaign to retake Mosul, Iraqi forces now have ISIS fighters surrounded in the Old City. But the ruthless militants still have women and children to use as human shields, which could make their last stand the most gruesome stage of the battle.

Last December, they used the same brutal tactic 2,000 miles away in the Libyan port city of Sirte -- ISIS’s largest stronghold outside Iraq and Syria.

As VICE News' Seb Walker reports, in those last desperate days the fighters even used members of their own family as collateral.

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These kids are indeed heartbreaking. It really isn't their fault... but one worries when they are teenagers, they will feel angry..and then what...
Russian Troll
They should carpet bomb that place! Finish off the rats.
Bambo Sunny
But you know, Allahu Akbar n sheeeit.
Bambo Sunny
These women have chosen islam. Shame on them for asking infidels to help. Allah will punish them!!!!
Cali Boy T
Those children are the Victim of their Father and Mother IDEOLOGY Believes.
Adriana Alejandra
Some of them are trained to kill..and those who miss their fathers' will seek reveng!! What a sad with world
A.W Musse
I feel sorry for those children.
Samantha Music
Ok so where is the world taking responsibility towards minors? CPS? United Nations?
d aridunu
This is too much for me. It soooo emotional
RizZ 94
These children's innocent and cute Allah give these childrens better future. I hate isis they're not Muslims even they're not humans.
From Pakistan 🇵🇰 🇵🇰 🇵🇰
Shoaib Rahman
So sad no one deserve to live like this
Strizer Quel
What the hell was that red dot thing at 3:10 ???
Common Sense
I have an idea why not take care of these children and adopt them in western countries.
Away from this insane religion!
Craig Cuthbert
How much nurture and love does a child need? What happens if these innocent children grow up abused, neglected and ostracized because of who they come from?
Craig Cuthbert
Those poor kids.
꧁Beau Tessa꧂
My heart is broken ... I want to love and hold them all.
...the sins of the father 😢
:-( why was he asking that little boy about his father
Mieka Degerness
My Heart goes out to These Little People .For they are only Very Young Children , They are the Innocent 1's All Children Belong to GOD
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Caught on camera: Life under ISIS Leaves Behind Children 1 day ago   13:44

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