The Day I Got Arrested Reading More Fables (I swear 2 days ago   09:15

Yup I got arrested once. When you have stupid friends you are most certain to come across stupid situations. Here's my story :|

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catz in space
Wow that racist cop
Mr. Man
Damn I’m 11 and I know what 69 means
Hot Pocket Yt
so my friend really liked this girl and so he decided to get me to write notes for her that was stupid because she caught me and that was embarrassing
terribly spelled
Man, you're a badass heart breaker
Veronica Husted
Come on Denis it’s just for fun who’s in 2019 one like = I know your in this year
Jorge Hernandes
You should have used alcohol and some piece of fabric or sponge
Family Spencer
I was waiting for him to say we made a pact not to date her like on Friends, Lol
Sophie Udeh-Philip
Common sense is a good thing to have. Proceeds to spell common wrong.
Princess 4ver
Messed up
Галя Кирева
I like her I like her i like her fuck you
Alexandre Macedo
He's such a jerk
Llama lps
I love that one of the names are shoe
Zionzar 13
That was a wuss move rejecting here
beirne boy 2
Him like her I like her f#$k you me leaves vid
Gacha Turtle
Ok, is it just me or was the older brother liking Shoe a little more? Because he saw Shoe spray painting and Adam doing nothing yet Adam got freaking arrested! Like bro stop being racist!
You should have told the cop that bobs brother did it then threw the can at you and framed you and shoe with the call
Poophed Poopman
I stall gun and I did not go to jail
The infint flight show 87
Typical white boy
Jhoben Torillo
So who's your girlfriend now and the police officer is sooooo racist
Lets Draw
So when I was a little kid. I liked to go out with two of my friends. I’ll call em Ocnim and nevs. So we went to a place that turned out to be the backyard of someone. There where a lot of building bricks and we started making a throne out of it. There was also a rain pipe laying there and ocnim likes robots and to pretend to be one. So he took it and put it around his arm. I was the so called princess/warrior and he was my servant. And nevs was just on the look out for peeps. So. We got bored after some time and nevs went home. Ocnim went with me to the forest ‘still having that rain pipe on his arm’. We had a lot of fun and then I got home too. Next day. There was a police officer at the house of the woman we were playing at. My heart dropped but I thought nothing of it hoping it was for something else. So I went on to school and there was an officer standing at the entrance. He stopped me for going in and asked if I was ‘name’ I said yes that is me. And he started asking questions like where you at that house yesterday. I told the truth the whole time. Then I said. But it wasn’t just me. The officer cut me off and said ‘yea sure a girl goes out with boys. Let this be a warning kid’ I was pissed. So I walked towards my friends after the officer let me go. And start yelling at them ‘DUDE WHY DID THAT OFFICER NOT STOP ANY OF YOU’ nevs was like ‘please don’t tell me you mentioned us’ and I was like ‘that officer didn’t even believe me.’ I am not quite sure what happened after it. But to the day of today I am still pissed on them :/
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Reading More Fables (I swear The Day I Got Arrested 2 days ago   09:04

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