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Cloud Storage!

Hands On App Review:
3.6 on the app store but i would give it a 4.
Price: Free up to 5GB
$129 / Year for Unlimited Storage.

OpenDrive is a free service providing you 5gb of cloud storage to view, share, and collaborate on your documents. Have access to all your photos, docs, videos, and data anytime and anywhere directly from your Android. OpenDrive can automatically sync your data between your Android, Computer, and The OpenDrive Website.

From their website:
"Unlimited Online Storage, Backup & Cloud Content Management

Store your documents, music and pictures online
with instant access, sharing and collaboration
all in a simple to use, secure, environment.

Sync files and folders on your computer or external
storage device temporarily or permanently with
OpenDrive. Feel secure knowing that you can reach
your data at anytime.

OpenDrive makes file sharing and collaboration
simple and secure. Be in control with our straight
forward user management, online office suite and
file versioning.

Backup all your data online, completely secured
in our state of the art datacenters and accessible
whenever and wherever you need it."
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Kathleen Jameson
Do not use! Although I requested cancellation of my service subscription
, Open Drive erroneously billed me for services I never used and now
refuse to refund me, stating that I never confirmed my cancellation. I
received notice that they received my cancellation request but nothing
further. They state I must submit proof I confirmed cancellation in
order to receive a refund, but I can't provide this, since I never
received any request to confirm my cancellation. They billed me for over
2 years and now refuse to refund.
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Ep23 - How To Build Your Own Free Open Drive | A Great Price 1 day ago   10:04

Share - In this episode Paul shows us how you can get together with a friend or family member to create a free cloud backup solution using CrashPlan. It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux!


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