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US Open Tennis Championships
Rafael Nadal defeats Daniil Medvedev in the Finals of the US Open 2019.

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US Open Tennis Championships
Watch the extended highlights of this five-set thriller here - https://ufl.ae/videow/UKw8vsAVNkC
Enorme,titán!! Rafa 🇪🇸
Bhargav Khandige
Guess what, Nadal and Andreescu wore the same color clothes 💜 and 🖤
Des T
Is anyone getting suspicious that the big three are still winning all the grandslams? I've seen many young players who are excellent and yet somehow perform below their level against the big 3. I do also realise that the big 3 have considerable clout/wealth in the tennis arena... how real are the results of GS nowadays, really, when there is every reason for one of the big 3 to win because let's face it, the day 1 of them stops winning totally or retires is the day MANY people will lose LOTS of money.
Julián Junior
I have watched the whole game again, because I suffered three heart attacks live, I needed oxygen, and I could not enjoy it. I have to say wow! What a match! The best I've ever seen!
Julián Junior
Now the first man to play 5 finals of each Grand Slam.
adem love
Rafaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa from Algérie we love youuuuuuuuuu
King Tennis
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Paul Russell
Haha I loved what one commentator said “3 quarters of the worlds service is covered by water, Daniil Medvedev covers the rest!”
Ajmalism Sami
The more is watch him.. The more I get inspired
hen ko
Daniil impressed the hell out of me!! His future and the future of men's tennis is bright!
Alex Lux
King Nadal....vamosssss 👑🇪🇸🏆💪🥇
Adel Rameita
Congrats rafa on your 19 GS title, proud of you, from indonesia♥️
Tenis, una mirada diferente
Zafando de los mejores, nadal falacia.
Rishabh Jawagal
best moment of the match 3:21
hit like if u agree.
michael etten
Daniil is surely a confident young man, but someone needs to warn him that his confidence is bordering on arrogance at times. It might be a language or culture thing, but he seems really awkward and smug sometimes.
Amassing Rafa, this is the spirit. A difficult opponent playing at his very best. A great, great tournament. Bravo Rafa ;) you deserved it.
Medvedev needs to learn how to use his considerable wingspan at the net more!
David D
Medvedev was incredible,I believe only Nadal could have beaten him that night, absolute refusal to be beaten and amazing stamina shown by Nadal..brilliant match..Medvedev to win the Australian open early next year..
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Ultimate Dropshot Intelligence | Bianca Daniil Medvedev vs Rafael Nadal 2 days ago   05:08

She is a US Open contender and next gen of tennis titans.

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