Ken “Fixed” The iPhone Headphone Jack... Fixing Our Terrible WiFi 💀 1 day ago   09:21

Austin Evans
Ken’s genius iPhone headphone setup:
Dragonfly Red DAC on Amazon:
iPhone Lightning to USB adapter on Amazon:
Belkin Dual Lightning Audio and Charge adapter on Amazon:

The other stuff we tried:
Beats urBeats 3 with Lightning headphones on Amazon:
ZERO Carbo Tenore headphones on Amazon:
Belkin Lightning + 3.5mm headphone jack adapter on Amazon:

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Top J
samsung is better
3:30 $60?Here in my country people buy $3-5 earphones
Just buy a LG or a Samsung or any phone that has a 3.5 headphone jack
achulu 1977
i got a solution... get Samsung
Christian Mortensen
Austin: *keeps sponsoring samsung*


>wears an Apple Watch

Oh the irony 😂
Arpan Sharma
What song was Ken listening?
Samreen Sagheer
They could have fixed it with two dongles
Mushtaba dave
Since when did Bolo Yeung become a YouTuber?
Brian DuBose
Or just go to wish and buy the 3.5m + lightning, and lightning with lightning charge port for free if you buy now and pay shipping and please read the date of this comment cause things can change on wish but as of May 12 2019 this is correct and if you’re willing to wait a month that’s how it works
That thumbnail looks like the Tin Audio T2
Kevin Hambrick
What’s the purpose of this video, I have a problem with my headphone/charging port, I hear clicking when I plug my buds in to listen to music play a game or watch you on my xs max, is anyone else having this problem? These clowns
Bro AirPods
Jacob mars launchpad
has people heard of Bluetooth
Liam Burton
Spends over $200, you should have just bought airpods, you can listen to audio and charge at the same time.
60$ is like 5000 taka in Bangladesh.. Thats a lot of money here.. Some people’s monthly income is 60$ here..
I would really like to see Austin and other western tech people like lines or luke or marques to find review 1$-11$ good headphone earphones..
Felix Wachter
The baseus Adapter is dope
Danny E
Austin: Meet my friend Ken
Ken: But you can call me Jiggly
Sean Wilson
I can feel the sarcasm radiating over here with this one
Bryan Wall
If you are worth millions why still wear the same shirt over and over
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Fixing Our Terrible WiFi 💀 Ken “Fixed” The iPhone Headphone Jack... 1 day ago   06:02

Since we moved to the new office our Wi-Fi has been...challenging.
ASUS Lyra:
Where To Buy – Amazon:
Where To Buy – Newegg:


#WiFi #Asus #AustinEvans

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