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Smart Energy Systems: 100% Renewable Energy at a National Level (Full Version)
Denmark has decided to become independent from fossil fuels. For the sake of the climate, the economy, and in order to ensure security of energy supply. This film shows how this will happen based on research conducted at Aalborg University (

At present wind and solar energy already delivers a good share of Denmark's energy, but renewable energy is a major challenge for an energy system that is built upon fossil fuels. Energy production from wind and solar fluctuates - it fluctuates as the wind blows. So what renewables are reliable when there is no sun or wind energy available?

Another challenge is the transport sector. How do we create an energy system of renewable energy, where also cars, ships and planes can operate on fossil-free energy? A great example of an energy system that will ensure Denmark a 100% renewable energy system is called: Smart Energy Systems - a coherent, fossil-free energy system that will create lots of new jobs and green energy for the Danes, both in terms of electricity, heat and transport.

Get more info here about the research conducted in the Sustainable Energy Planning Group at Aalborg University:
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Shantel Bollmann
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Shahid Mehmud
I like this technology
Great presentation there, kudos to the research team and especially the animator
Stephen Johnson
Denmark is headed toward 100% carbon free energy.
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Japan: Smart Green Homes Smart Energy Systems: 100% 8 months ago   12:47

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Smart green homes are in Japan's future. Home Energy Management Systems are among some of the hottest technologies being developed in Japan to make households energy efficient and eco-friendly. Constantino de Miguel reports.

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