Nate Diaz exclusive interview Kidnapped and TORTURED by a Cartel for 16 days 2 days ago   40:49

ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto sits down with Nate Diaz for an exclusive interview prior to his fight vs. Anthony Pettis at UFC 241. Order UFC 241 here

(8:24) Diaz opens up about his prior fight selection and why he feels he's always been deserving of top-tier opponents. (13:35) Okamoto asks Diaz about his history vs. Conor McGregor and how it changed his UFC career. (21:11) Diaz discusses being accused of turning down fights, (27:50) explains why he considers he has a win over Dustin Poirier and (30:00) revisits his history with McGregor, including if he believes a third fight could be in the making.

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Comments 12832 Comments

Philip Chan
Diaz has not even fought yet but his face appeared like he has been badly bashed.
neweverymorning Mercy
Good interview! Nate is just better and cooler than those guys. I always love a sit down with Nate, he is fascinating. Getting ready for the party tonight!
Philip Chan
Diaz talked and behaved like a thug. 😁
Otis Gates
Love Nate frfr he’s always spoken real and raw. Is it me or does he sound a little punch drunk slurred speech he’s got a dope spirit and mind and he should be paid his worth he’s a OG who’s put it all on the line for what he believes in
Kevin Light
70 year old Nates appearance and voice will be interesting. I hope he does well this weekend.
I REALLY wish I cold have turned on Closed Captions to read the amazing shit it threw out , trying to decipher Nate XD XD XD
Nate you are a real og. Pettis looks good but he aint got that dog in him like Nate. Mcgregors people in the dressing room after the second fight said it best Nate is the fucking TERMINATOR!!
Akeem Anthony
With all due respect, Nate Diaz is showing obvious signs of brain damage.
face 2185
Diaz vs Ferguson
Malik Abdul Aziz
Nate never mentions tony ferguson. Why?
inglourious alpha
these guys cant smoke weed weeks before a fight so i understand why they get pissed en say fuck those interviews. also its just not there thing. they got that tight circle of friends and dont need anyone coming in acting like they know them and ask stupid questions. real gangster mentallity
Vincent Schiavone
Can we please get a “knowhamsayin?” count
Thiago ferreira de Lieve
Esse aí fumadão de maconha kkkkkkkk
Yea Ok
I’m a huge boxing fan but I’m really looking forward to this fight and will be buying it. Nate Diaz and Anthony Pettis are both bad ass fighters.
Combat Culture
All he does is whine.
Infantry Gunner
Hold EP!
Infantry Gunner
This guy is about the fights not the fake drama. When this guy is gone it's going to be like watching WWE! Entertaining for a min and after a bit you need real substance. RIP UFC!
Jimbo Slice
image what he coulda dun with a full set of chromes
Purple Pepe
5:55 Brett's reaction is so epic
Purple Pepe
"Like dude what do you want me to say? Yesterday i slept and i woke up"

What a legend
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Kidnapped and TORTURED by a Cartel for 16 days Nate Diaz exclusive interview 2 days ago   42:19

Larry Pollock, The proprietor of Stallion Labs thought he was safe by operating in mexico, but learned just how far the corrupt government's reach could go. He was kidnapped and tortured for 16 days and still had to do federal time. He is one of few that has encountered a cartel and lived to tell about it. This is a true story.

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