Bahraini Refugee: Thai court Is it anti-Semitic to criticise Israel and pro-Israeli 2 days ago   02:15

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Bahraini footballer Hakeem al Araibi has been freed from prison in Thailand. That was after Bahrain withdrew its request to have him extradited on an international arrest warrant. Araibi has refugee status in Australia and is expected to arrive home in Melbourne by Tuesday. But as Natasha Hussain reports, Bahrain still wants to pursue legal action against him.

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We need an apology, what you say about Thailand is bad.
Sakinah Hur
Peace be unto you...
I am happy to hear this news...

What a hardship to be arrested for nothing...

Remember that Thailand is also filled with major corruption, drugs and human trafficking, child prostitution, and some dirty political and professional dealings...

Where there is "glitz" and a serene environment; there will always be parasitic realities that are dark and dirty...

I am quite torn whether I should have respect for Thailand or not...

Pious, good people exist everywhere and that is the only beauty between all the mayhem...

With Peace Sakinah 🌹
Robi U.K.
Hoe they can cuff in his between leg
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Is it anti-Semitic to criticise Israel and pro-Israeli Bahraini Refugee: Thai court 2 days ago   01:08

Ilhan Omar's tweet criticising pro-Israeli lobbies in the US set off claims of anti-Semitism from some US politicians. #Ilhan #Omar #AIPAC

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