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But He ( puss )got more than just Boots 👢 and a Bag
He got Cloth, a Belt, a Cape and a Hat 🎩
Pamela Berry
Pamela Berry
Ruth Angelina
Aku adikya jennie black pink sarangeo anyeongi gazeo
Lil Nicki
Gunasekar Govindan
Alfrida Talang
I never heard this story in my life!
wonderful story video !👍
Tình Nguyễn
very funny story
Tình Nguyễn
the story is good
Ari Livshuts
Moral of the story: If someone can use your help then it's ok (and right) to lie, decieve and threaten others since at the end of the day you're being loyal and "selfless".

Not such a good lesson if u ask me.
Soul Krew
This is awsome the comment that name GLMV is my account but i still watch it UwU
Stacy G Tutorials
Pris TheDumbo
Lol the cartoon vs tale
SkippyPrime ?
I love how they skipped the part where puss killed the giant, lol.
abdirahman Abdullah
I think it the best story I have ever watch beautiful girl and the royal family
Eikob Apeda
Why is the rabbits chickens like if agree not the king will have your heads
Pikachu Bipachu
Puss in boots
Manpreet Kaur Manpreet Kaur
piss is so intelligent cat
Nagavani Banda
EWWWW!!! That part Where His has no cloths while Bathing In da rivvaaarr
Nagavani Banda
"Oh I cant Even feed my self" For me its a dark pitch Black
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King of Golden Mountain in English Puss in Boots Story | Stories 1 day ago   09:16

King of Golden Mountain in English | Story | English Story | Fairy Tales in English | Bedtime Stories | Fairy Tales | English Stories | 4K UHD | English Fairy Tales

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