The Match | Matt VS Stephen | 9 Holes Random Sports Ball Golf 1 day ago   39:21

It's finally here! This is a long one so grab your popcorn and enjoy the match between Stephen and Matt!
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What a match
AFC Lewis
Sick editing m8
Garrison Trader
paul turvolgyi
I demand a rematch
Mikey Williams
Awesome match! I think you guys should have a contest to have a match against a fan. I would sign up in a heartbeat! Keep up the great content and hope to see some more trick shots on ESPN⛳️
Jake Reid
hey guys does steven play soccer?? i couldn't tell, he didn't mention it 500309430 times
Jesse G
Brodie and Matt are butt buddies for sure
Ted Miller
That was some really good play. Stephen, once you develop some more feel on the greens and tidy up your misses you are going to be a pretty decent golfer.
Aidan Szczygiel
Ryan Wallace
This was epic. Some really nice shots were played. The Matt hybrid on 9 and that clutch 60 by Stephen were epic
Andre Mendez
kevin ambrose
Great match guys! It was like watching Jack and Arnie 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
As a fellow Matt I love "this Matt character".
OG Milkbag
Richard Allen
Hope to get a reply, ive watched all your vids. And please make a golf polo with your emblem on it so i can wear on the courses here in NY!. Also do a drawing to get one of your fans to come golf with you all!
stephen should've won hole 3. Brodie being a caddie touching the ground with the flag stick while indicating the line would incur a penalty
Taylor Clark
Awesome video by every one of you guys, keep up the good work! Love watching your content!
Matt reminds me of Jim Carey lol
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Random Sports Ball Golf The Match | Matt VS Stephen | 9 Holes 1 day ago   20:49

We are back with another wheel of not ideal! Hope you guys enjoyed, random sports ball golf challenge!
Hope you guys enjoyed!

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