Google+: Beautiful movies, made ZSL - Google Impact Challenge | UK 2013 1 day ago   01:18

Just take videos and photos with your phone as usual, and Google+ will automatically make you a beautiful short movie, complete with effects, transitions and a soundtrack. You can share the video as is, or dive into the editing process to customize even further.

Available in the Google+ app on certain Android 4.3+ phones.

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Kati Zadravec
I love goggle
Giovanni Di Salvo
Angeles G. P.
Porque en ingles
Dora Rivera
Tengo que aprender a usarlo
Rainbow The Puppet Master
I miss Google + so much when I got on Google Plus the first time I couldn't read and I couldn't spell ever since I've been there it's help me how to read and it's help me how to spell I loved it it felt like home but now it's gone I feel lonely like I've been abandoned I wish Google Plus was back again I miss it so much
Alicia Odis
Comida guatemala
Jacqueline Thomas
2011: Google+ is good, I like it.
2019: Google+ is not working.
Regina Seifert
Deutsch kann ich besser!
Virginia Castro Mora
Muy bonito
Jose Hector Romero
Esta padre
Muhammad Younas
friend of friends
Rosemary Byrd
I like the way this gentleman speaks about mindfulness
Christian Ndjero
je veux la vidéo
Micheal Dugan
Mary Kennedy
About what?
bareera shah
Summerfield Hughes
No way I'm be taking
Orders from a machine!!!!!!!!!. Old fashioned life like
In the 1970-1999
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ZSL - Google Impact Challenge | UK 2013 Google+: Beautiful movies, made 1 day ago   01:20

Digital eyes and ears for wildlife protection.

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