How this drug lord created Why Japan has so many vending machines 2 days ago   08:36

It’s a hippo invasion.
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Drug lord Pablo Escobar smuggled four hippos into his own personal zoo during the 1980’s. But wild hippos are usually only native to Africa and their escape after Escobar’s death has left Colombia with an unexpected problem. Due to reproduction, there are now dozens roaming around one of the country’s rivers.

This episode looks at how the presence of these hippos affects Colombia’s biodiversity and how people became fond of their presence.

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Alex Bokser
Pablo’s legacy
xd ninjap 1
planet of the apes v2
Dimitri Lopez
Hunt them
What happened to survival of the fittest? Let those hippos pwn the local wild life as our lord and savior Darwin intended.
John Lee
Just shoot the wandering hippos. It’s the American way of life.
you know humans were only supposed to be in Africa too
Pablo didn’t make the problem the government did
An droiduser
People call me a happy hippo. I wonder why?
dog lover
Send them back to afrika
seecan Yt
Top gear also went to coulumbia to meet hippos
Carlos Tello
Crack is whack
And this is why
Trainer Coty
Are the hippos not inbred?
So the government created the problem... not Escobar.
*Moto Moto likes you*
Dxllie Kxx
They could have left one of the nice animals like giraffes or zebras but naaaaaa they left the fucken hippos 😂💀smart move Colombia
IAm Nani
I think the government of Colombia should send 15 men with shotguns or m4a1and just light the crap out of these hippos
Colin Englert
Human: are you cute
Hippopotamus: well yes, but actually no
Aisha Y
Your Spanish is v good!
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Why Japan has so many vending machines How this drug lord created 2 days ago   04:47

What vending machines can teach you about this country

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While in Japan I noticed vending machines everywhere. Looking into it a little deeper a discovered that there's a very interesting answer to why Japan has so many vending machines. It's an economic story but it's also a story about how Japanese society values robotics and automation.

I even found a business card vending machine:

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