Maroon 5 - Pepsi Super Bowl Justin Bieber - Love Yourself 2 days ago   13:36

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steico flows
8:20 *o My god tHis iS Awesome* 😱😱😱
Leftmont Rimose
It would have been great if they'd done "Sweet Victory," but Adam Levine is NOT the guy to sing it. A Bon Jovi cameo would have been terrific for that :)
Scooterkid Dynamyte
Trash... except big bio
Ryan Rivera
Put imagine dragons already
c miller
Alexa.. play EVERYBODY that "GOT PLAYED" at the Superbowl Halftime show..
Stephen A. Smith
Does anyone else occasionally pop in to check the amount of dislikes
i love sugar and 5 girls like you. i subscribed and ring you're bell
Shadow Fry
Tbh I think maroon 5 has good music, but it’s more of a girls band, why put a band that’s more enjoyed by girls in a manly sport? Just saying.

Plus where was Sweet Victory?
Talha Hussain
6:22 wtf is she doing 😂
Brandon Callaway
If You're an Editor, Can You Fix This?
Old music 4 ever
Here how you fix this halftime performance

Start out with hard to breathe next this love after that girls like you WITHOUT THE GOSPEL CHIOR then she will be loved after that Sugar then moves like jagger then close it out with Spongebob Sweet victory

There I fix the halftime show
Rudolph Maurizi
all the people jumping around are bots
Mariah Daynell
Adam is so fine it kinda makes up for the performance , me now just seeing the Coldplay super bowl makes me see how bad this was lol
Debra Sagan
He is the sexiest man I've ever seen. Hubba hubba
yo soy wicho
what is problem?
Sanjay Veer
Sweet Sorrow
this is such a mess of a halftime
Bella Fond
The super bowl needs Beyoncé I swear after this shit
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Justin Bieber - Love Yourself Maroon 5 - Pepsi Super Bowl 2 days ago   04:33

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