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America is the 20th and 21st century’s empire. There is no region on the planet where America has not the strongest military presence, with bases on the most remote islands of the Pacific. This hegemony has created a landscape where no other country dares to attack American army. But this ‘Pax Americana’ could stop one day... at least on the Indian Ocean.
Since years, China has been building alliances with neighbouring countries to create a string of military bases. From South China Sea to Africa and Middle East, China is expanding their presence. Why? They need to guarantee their trade routes. They cannot take the risk of other countries like India blocking their supply of raw materials. This is why they need to have the military supremacy on this region. This is the so-called ‘String of Pearls’ project, A.K.A. the Maritime Belt and Road Initiative.
And, as you can imagine, this is one of Washington’s main concerns. Why? Why is this a threat to America? In this video, we will answer to those questions.

*Written by Sophia Sestini

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Joe Chan
USA is 10,000 miles away on the other side of the Pacific. USA is not an Asian nation, and American is an alien to Asia.

Before WWII, the American is just one of the Western imperialists ravaged and wreaked havoc of Asia with barbaric wars, illicit drugs like Opium, slavery, stealing, robbing, looting, plundering, murdering, torturing, exploiting, polluting, culture genocide, ‘pious’ fanaticism, unmatchable greed and extreme brutality. In fact it is hard to tell the difference between the American and the unrepentant war criminal Japanese who is more lethal and barbaric to Asians until the Pearl Harbour incident.

For over seventy years the US has dominated Asia, ravaging the continent with two major wars in Korea and Indo-China with millions of casualties, and multiple counter-insurgency interventions in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Timor, Myanmar, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The strategic goal has been to expand its military and political power, exploit the economies and resources and encircle China.

American is a toxin and a plague to Asian, They have done enough damage to Asian already, they are not wanted, not invited and not loved in Asia, go home Yankee.
ugh...the US has never had a base in's literally against our constitution to allow it.
Countries seem little kids wanting to be the winner in a game that scientists say nature will be the winner
1:56 Known US Military Map is totally inaccurate. For example there are two bases, one in Crete, Greece and one Incirlik,Turkey that they are not shown. And they are not small bases. Same for Romania and so on and so forth.
Cpec the china Pakistan economical corridor will be the real game changer.It will allow china direct access to the Indian ocean via land.It will also cut travel time down by a third.This guy's video's are purely based on western propaganda.With cpec operational no one can block Chinese goods raw materials and oil.
Gear5 ZYF
now china is the biggest exporter on earth, so, do u believe chinese navy will endanger the trade routes?
yes, american believe it.
Even with the partial success of the BRI project It has neutralized USA’s maritime plan in the SCS and Indian Ocean. Not only that China has secure her energy supplies from Russia, Iran and Saudi directly on land routes far away from the US maritime dominance. Even Iraq is a potential energy supplier. Even more importantly these countries are willing to trade either in local currency or Petro-Yuan cutting into the dominant role of Petro-dollar.
In fact the American paranoia has made China more secured in her quest for energy source.
Captain Plan It
Why cant the economic powers of the world just bail out the countries drowning in debt so that they can reclaim thier land and put a stop to China's plan because this trade route is the achillies heel of China and once they cover that weakness who knows china might get out of control and dominate the entire asian continent.
Richard 255
USA doesn't have any military base in Tanzania
Robert Graham
China active military personnel is 2.2. million - the US has only 900,000 - you loose.
Why mention India? Why not Pakistan or Indonesia or Malaysia or Singapore or Egypt or South Africa? Maybe just fishing the popular sentiment to breed hate among neighbors. Western imperialist tactics of divide and conquer is so stale...and pointless now when Asia no longer dependent wholly to the west. USA time is over just how it once eclipsed the UK....this is just the cycle of destruction or what economist called the "wave of creative destruction". If China grows stronger and USA goes into decline, whose fault is it? Like Napoleon said, don't interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

As for us small nation in Asia we just need to look back in history...during the ancient Chinese dynasties we had many times bowed to the power of imperial China...we were subject to them but our nations were preserved and somewhat free. During western imperialism era? We were yeah deep in the hearts and minds of all Asian the grudge still exist and it is dishonest to deny it. Frankly speaking in term of political and world view, the west is never to be trusted, ever.

So facing the reality of life where great empire will always rule the weak and destroy the disobedient, we have to choose the lesser evil. Slaves of western power or subject to an authoritarian hegemon? Better yet, the hegemon is next door while USA is far far far away over the what idiot would waste our lives to get burned by western moralistic propaganda? Ethics and morals means nothing when someone next to us could burn us to ashes while western activist congratulate us for being a martyr of world "freedom"....

No thank you! Why not you come here and give up your lives for "freedom" and we just give you moral support.
Mad Dog Avraham
The world is run on money. None of us can afford to screw things up. If the US defaults on it's debt with China, China will collapse.
Mad Dog Avraham
Damn, what American empire? Maybe we should stop protecting the free flow of oil and other commodities around the world. We don't need the oil since we have a President that has turned the US into a major exporter again. If we withdraw from the world who is going to protect you from Russia and China? We should just bring our troops home and instead just nuke any country that screws with us.
Jus Livin
Lol, if America is not worried why the propoganda? Hmmm something tells me their concern of their terrible history is causing some sleepless nights, well sleep in the day!!
South Koreans are willing to dedicate their lives to the Americans and confront China.
rajesh singh
your map is showing a US military base in Indai, but there are no US military base in India
Sam W
US would be happy if China becomes the second Japan. US wants to be the boss over all nations and keeps the dollar's dorminance status , that is it.
hot wheels TBM
China build bridges to connect with other country and bring economic benefit and peace, 
while in US, Donald Trump build Wall , Bombs , war and bring Social Chaos to the world
Frank Lin
So the same as US, Chinese wants to secure their trade routes as well! Lesson learned from a war with Japan, not with China!!! Why China has no right to protect itself.
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5 Countries That Have Fallen How is CHINA challenging the AMERICAN EMPIRE? 1 day ago   13:49

China sinks its claws into cash-strapped countries, and they won't be letting go any time soon...

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