How is CHINA challenging the AMERICAN EMPIRE? Why 50 Million Chinese Homes are Empty 2 days ago   15:01

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America is the 20th and 21st century’s empire. There is no region on the planet where America has not the strongest military presence, with bases on the most remote islands of the Pacific. This hegemony has created a landscape where no other country dares to attack American army. But this ‘Pax Americana’ could stop one day... at least on the Indian Ocean.
Since years, China has been building alliances with neighbouring countries to create a string of military bases. From South China Sea to Africa and Middle East, China is expanding their presence. Why? They need to guarantee their trade routes. They cannot take the risk of other countries like India blocking their supply of raw materials. This is why they need to have the military supremacy on this region. This is the so-called ‘String of Pearls’ project, A.K.A. the Maritime Belt and Road Initiative.
And, as you can imagine, this is one of Washington’s main concerns. Why? Why is this a threat to America? In this video, we will answer to those questions.

*Written by Sophia Sestini

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Stacy Clarkson
Silly VisualPolitik EN ,Russia and China are in a Demographic /Economic Death Spiral!!!!

America has more Millennials than Boomers,this unique in the Advanced or Major Economies!!! The 21st century will be the American century just like the 20th!!! Who says,Math Does!!!! :)
Submissive Subscriber
American become great because stealing Gold from Indonesia
Terry Meehan
The most compelling intelligence we have about China's capacity as a world power is visible to us all. It's not it's military hardware, it's is non military infrastructure; that's visible. Most notably is its absolutey monumental capacity to build and commission it's very fast trains which is but one example of China's breathtaking capacity to put in place very major projects with such speed. If it does that, and it does, you can expect that equally, it is doing that just as quickly militarily but not as visibly to us all. In other words, the Chinese juggernaut of military manufacture occurring now is backed by confidence of the regime leadership , characterised by scale , even quality of workmanship. So to China, south China seas skirmishes are just scraps and distractions to all the military planning and delivery of military equipment that is occurring as we speak, and occurring with extraordinary speed. There is one name that encapsulates that.. The word is MIGHT, military might and supported by putting their greatest brains to that. If the Chinese do things with MIGHT, it is to be feared. In Australia to the north and inland, the military infrastructure there is substantially a relic, a ww2 relic as vulnerable as any third world place when it really comes down to it.
The question is, does China want to invade, and if it does, I can tell you it won't be Japan, Vietnam, even Taiwan, or the Phillipines.. these place will be cesspools for China, and they would be strangled and halted for years and become sitting ducks for the US and NATO, but I wouldn't rely on NATO nope.. they have their own issues including the UK whose childish Brexit machinations means it can't do anything at the moment particularly with am absolutely goose as leader.
Australia is the vulnerable country, and wouldn't be a cesspool of problems for an evil regime to attack to our North.
One civilian thing to do there is make the North and West great.. build new big cities to encourage cleared and skilled immigrants to come and of course our own . We need to decentralise anyway. These are deterrent measures but measures for our welfare, protection and development in a small populated country.
Joel Chin
this guys accent is weird...
John Xu
you are total fool if you think you can block china.
warren kaunda
The number of military bases and there locations is not true, cause I know for certain that the USA has no military base in Zambia. Please give us accurate information not propaganda!
Well, for those who want to know the meaning of hypocrisy: USA
Natalia Livonof
if the west did not buy all this Mada In China shit, then they will never become so strong in China, so i think we have to be carefull and stop buy things Madr In China, as more powerfull they get as more agrasive they also become, and same time we all lose work jobs to China, so why do we let them do it infront of our nose. if no one buy there produkts the fabrik will be forced to go back to US or UK or Denmark where the compeny was before they did move to China, the only rision they do it, is to pay less in salary so they can get more rich them self, the Chairholders, they don't care about you and me or the China man they care about how mutch monye he get him self, and if he can not sell enything he loss all he's monye, but if he can make okay monye to sty in our contry he will do that or come back so he can do that. so stop buy things Made In China you only make them stronger and more bad in you own contry for you and you chrilderen.
Sale Cousin
It`s USA not America
Marcelo Duarte
There is no US military base in Brazil
Mike Becket
So China taking over water rights and making an illegal island and yet he wants to fight is ha ha fool.
K.Manga Duhlian
As the name south China Sea suggests it might belongs to China. American shouldn't interfere into someone's sovereign jurisdiction
volg Evensen
Made in China = cheap crap = Garbage = Rebuy
Ju hyo Kang
The china xijinping world best of best okay
Guy Fawkes
I do NOT identify with Trump in many ways, but on China I say the time has been severely surpassed to pay the Piper. The ruling Chinese Communist Party suppresses religious freedom, jails political opposition, oppresses minorities, and tyrannically enforces its rule. China has in the last couple of decades extended its military reach globally, with violence through weapons transfers, political and economic influence, and direct discreet interventions in Africa, the Middle East, the Americas and the Pacific all while the USA gave little to no pushback. It is time to confront this aggressive monster that is anathema to our basic ideological beliefs. We cannot allow this to continue, and must meet the challenge head on, with all our will and might. Or, surrender ourselves as a loyal servant. There is no middle ground.
Chad Has AIDS
Death To China!
But given the tremendous mutual benefit from trade, wouldn’t a country who decide to block transport channel do themselves a disservice, other than short of war, which would mean there were other causal driver? Sometimes I can’t help wonder if such friction is manufactured to justify a service not needed. Where there is some perceived benefit, there is a cost. A balance is better, than always imagining the worse.
Quality over quantity, amerimongrel.
Street Rider
Hu Jintao " I am lying through my teeth "
America stolen money from the world and develops its military.
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Why 50 Million Chinese Homes are Empty How is CHINA challenging the AMERICAN EMPIRE? 2 days ago   12:30

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