The shattered dream of Catalan independence Catalonia's fight for independence explained 2 days ago   17:57

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Later this February, 12 men and women will go on trial at Spain's Supreme Court. Nine of them have already spent more than a year behind bars. They now face between seven and 25 years in prison. All are accused of playing a role in the failed Catalan bid to secede from Spain in 2017. In Catalonia, they have become martyrs to the separatist cause. But more than a year later, what remains of their fight? And what about the process that was supposed to lead to independence?

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Spain, Catalan
China, kong kong and Taiwan
Spain and China are in the same situation,
The only difference is Hong Kong and Taiwan heavily rely on China economically

While Spain heavily depends on Catalan’s tax revenue.
mat doggy
I do not believe that the independent Catalans think about it very well. If you become really independent, you fall outside the EU. What would happen with Seat, for example? What happens to the big banks? You will never come to the EU again. Every member has to vote for ... I don't have to explain to you who is vetoing. Just the big question what happens to FC barca? How many football clubs do you have in Catalonia? I'd think about it anyway. The world is getting smaller and smaller and Franco is long dead. Live in the present and not in the past.
Eric Louclair
Freedom must use the tyrant’s blood!
Eric Louclair
Release political prisoners !
Long live with catalonia independence!
And by the way! Long live with corsia independence!
The only way to achieve independence is by blood, it only takes one martyr
Tom Vader
Forget all countries in the world  with real civil rights problems. Catalans separatists obligated to live in one of the richest, democratic and open minded regions of europe goes first that all of them.
Eric Louclair
Did Washington go to the trial in Britain for denfencing himself? No!
Because winner writes history!
Eric Louclair
Time to start the revolution and you get independence!
Eric Louclair
For the tyrant, must give war!
Long live with corsica independence!
Long live with catalonia independence!
Dustin Griffith
Existing in music
If the majority of the people in that area want to be independent then they should be. No society should be forced into another. Most countries who were previously forced to be governed by European powers already received their independence way back then.The fact that Catalonia can’t have their independence easily in 2019 is insane. Whatever happened between Castile and Catalonia back then doesn’t matter anymore. The generations of today shouldn’t have to be blamed for the crap that happened back then. If a group of people doesn’t want to be with you, then let them leave. Simple as that. If Spain had its best interests they wouldn’t trap these people under their government.
Vasta Andare
This independence movement is so idiotic
India supports United SPAIN .....
So basically protest without weapons = shattered dream
Jespalmer a
Se romperá antes Francia que España.🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸
Juan Pablo Fernandez
It seems that Europe is divided into two parts in relation to the Catalan question:
1) those who accept the *theater* that sells Catalan separatism through a marketing operation appealing to emotions and a simplistic story, with which they intend to confuse public opinion from European Union, with a simplistic concept of democracy.
2) and those who know what all this is about, because they respect the democratic importance of such a Law of a member state (voted for everybody and modifiable, of course) and know what is happening as the law is being violated, and don't get carried away by historical cliches about Spain.
Tom Vader
separatist movement has deeply and sadly divided catalan society. They have used big resources that gives them spanish laws for spread lot of half truths over Young spanish democracy ( only forty years since franco's dictatorship finished )
These politicians made an attempted coup that the Spanish justice must punish. Nobody is above the law and the Spanish democracy must prevail.
Jorge cedeño
Catalonia is Spain
It would've been a nightmare more than a dream. Hope the coup leaders get jailed for many years.
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Catalonia's fight for independence explained The shattered dream of Catalan independence 2 days ago   02:25

What is going on in Catalonia? Why do some Catalans want independence? How did we even get here? All of your questions answered on the referendum being held in Catalonia on Sunday 

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