Kalia's SPICY Prank 🌶 The Lunch Song | CoCoMelon Nursery 2 days ago   03:13

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Bheem shares his toys with his grumpy baby friend, Kalia. Kalia finds out about his super strength so he decides to play a spicy prank on him..oh no!

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Kalia's SPICY Prank 🌶 Mighty Little Bheem | Netflix

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Tubble TV
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Tugba Özkan
Craig Marsden
Urmila Grg
SuperDuper Soda 5
When i put narrator on while watching this on Netflix it didn't call him Kalia it called him Big Boy
Raiza Cardoso
Snow • Bunny
73 million views


It’s always the Indian stuff
Dejan Vidaric
bindass shubham
Video bahut sundar he bro
sonic prince
Mother Hubbard 79 million views....😳
ayaan imran
72 million
Luul Salad
I Guess Thierry gold but sorry i dont like it
Aray Mukaeva
Monymony Tv
so great video💖💖💖💖💚💚💚💚💜💜💜💜💜💗💗💗💗💗
John Ngep
Sunny Art TV
Strong baby😁
Cliff Kasule
Love this
Anna Margarint 78
1:49 *Sees some yellow balls* are those potato balls, because look at the color and look at this stuff!!!
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The Lunch Song | CoCoMelon Nursery Kalia's SPICY Prank 🌶 2 days ago   03:27

The Lunch Song

It’s lunchtime! What yummy foods will we find in our lunchboxes today?
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I’ve got something in my lunch box
Something yummy I know
I’ve got something in my lunch box
It’s lunch time now, let’s go!

I’ve got chicken nuggets, carrot sticks
Grapes and some potato chips
Chicken nuggets, carrot sticks
Grapes, potato chips

I’ve got tortillas with some rice and beans
Salsa and some leafy greens
Tortillas with some rice and beans
Salsa, leafy greens

I’ve got pasta with tomato sauce
Bread and salad that’s been tossed
Pasta with tomato sauce
Bread and salad tossed

I’ve got chicken dumplings with some rice
Veggies that taste very nice
Chicken dumplings with some rice
Veggies very nice

I’ve got a sandwich made with ham and cheese
Broccoli and apples, please
Sandwich made with ham and cheese
Broccoli, apples, please

I’ve got potatoes and roast beef, you see
Peanut butter celery
Potatoes and roast beef, you see
Peanut butter celery

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