Vladimir Putin's Long Shadow New York Times vs. Donald Trump 2 days ago   44:32

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He casts a long shadow over the globe. Russian leader Vladimir Putin has outlasted three American presidents and is on track to stay in power until 2024. His incursions in Georgia, the Crimea and Ukraine have rattled the West, while his crackdowns inside Russia have riled his democratic opponents.

But a joint investigation by the fifth estate and PBS’ Frontline reveals an even darker side to one of the most powerful leaders in the world: Allegations of criminal activity dating as far back as his early days as a top official in St. Petersburg; ties to organized crime and money-laundering activities; and a secret personal fortune said to be in the billions.

“Putin’s Long Shadow” also raises disturbing questions about the role the Russian security services played in four apartment building bombings in Moscow and other cities in 1999 that killed nearly 300 people – a tragedy Putin blamed on terrorists and used to cement his power.

Host Gillian Findlay talks to a senior police officer who tried to arrest Putin on corruption charges; an investigator who was jailed for asking too many questions about the apartment bombings; and Russian businessmen who detail the levels of corruption and collusion.

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Angela Smirnova
CBS hit the jackpot among Russian trolls. Most of comments here are written by Russian trolls.
Sweet Lord, what tosh.
A snake in the grass
Strav Kolevski
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is most popular politician and leader in the world! The western puppets are jealous of Vladimirovich the great!
Andrew Synnes
Putin good he saved Snowden look what America doing to Assange
At 39:06 this lady makes a comment that as well can said about the US (might be even worse).
BrotherMohd Hanif
this is media. an irresponsible media. it will make people look a bad person. good person like putin now become look like a bad person.
Карлик тупорылый!
Ryan Harriss
Joe Ferreira
Most Russians are poor,corruption always creates poverty. Palace on sea absurd.
doraan cilliers
Who want to be a fucktup democrat
Flavia Silva
30 billion?!?! Tahts it? hahahah. He never met Lula, did he? We´ve lost more than 3 trillion dollars in 10 years. Putin Amateur.
Will Patterson
Go to hell Zionist banking slaves
Stephen Burke
Watching , minute's in, what do you expect The Russians to do,be,I Was there, people say I be rob o killed, I went out of my way to sustain it out, there Sound like everyone Else, nuff , said, don't believe the lies.Gone , Clear.
raymond keane
Putin is a legend..... no matter what he has done he always the countrys best interests at heart....he has done a lot of good for Russia... he is the best man for the job, no doubts....
Zhuz Lv
Putin is the only president who could fight another president if he needed to
More lies instigators of hate! I hope I see you drown in it!
Putin proved his vision was correct 5 years after this documentary,
teh average russian is proud to have a true leader, who knows the world better then the average russian needs to understand, 50 percent of russians have MORE then a middleclass living check to check richest EU country labourman REALITYYYYYY
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New York Times vs. Donald Trump Vladimir Putin's Long Shadow 2 days ago   09:11

The war over fake news has been declared. On one side the New York Times, and on the other, U.S. President Donald Trump. Both believe the future of democracy is at stake.

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