How I Backup My Video Footage + My Favorite Review: LaCie Rugged RAID 2 days ago   09:48

In this video I show you how I backup my video footage to LaCie Rugged hard drives. This method is simple, easy, and cheap. It keeps my files safe and secure. There are thousands of different workflows for backups, this way works for me and maybe you'll find it useful too?

LaCie 2TB Thunderbolt:
LaCie 4TB Thunderbolt:

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John Byatt
not rugged at all, just cheap seagate drives in orange plastic, mine failed with a gentle accidental bump
The Pondering Minimalist
Sergei, Excellent review, thanks !
My buddy, Lacie's Hard Drie is a Seagate!! You can look it up!!!
Great video! Really helpful 👍
Jack Evans Vlogs
in my country dollars a lacie rugged mini usb 3.0 is $109 for 1tb
Jack Evans Vlogs
5:58 i have this "cheaper end" toshiba drive, its lasted me since 2015 (hardcore usage from 2017 but definitely daily since i got it) i reckon a big reason you cant find my drive anymore is cos it was cheap, fast and reliable (dropped it from about shoulders height a few times and has been knocked off desks lots) ill leave the model number so best of luck to anyone XD "Toshiba DTP 120 2TB"
Mychal Simmons
That’s Super Hot
Vincenzo Bianco
I have a Lacie 12 Big configured in RAID 1, and I use the Lacie Rugged 4TB USB C when I am on the go. Sometimes I'll also have a 1TB Version of the Lacie Rugged to keep all the clips on should a drive fail (They really never do)
Ana Cvorovic
LONG WINDED - wish this would just get to the point.
Lacie sucks
dude have you not heard of cloud storage? you have buy several TB of storage for a decent price now at most data centres and even Amazon S3 does great deals on storage, its not worth being old school any more and keeping physical backups to localised media. Unless you don't have a 100mbp or 1gb internet connection.
My first thought on the Thumbnail: DUDE GET A NAS
Baryk Studio
man, that's super video
Hudson Carter
Great video! Just wanted to know what cases you were using for those 3.5" hard drives?
Lord Jock
This is more him boasting about hiow many HDs he has rather than how good they are
Calvin Jurnatan
Is the lacie ruggeds mini can also directly connect to ipad pro 10.5 inch with a cable? Because i working a lot with my ipad... thank you
Alex Kronstein
What company makes those multi-coloured cases you've got?
rachel Day
I have a MacBook Pro that i use to edit videos but it only came with about 150gb of storage and I rarely have enough storage to even save a video as a file to my desktop. Do you have a recommendation for a cheap external hard drive I can use to add storage to my MacBook for editing the videos and getting them onto YouTube?
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Review: LaCie Rugged RAID How I Backup My Video Footage + My Favorite 2 days ago   04:46

The Lacie Rugged RAID Pro is a 4TB drive preconfigured with RAID 0 for 250 MB/s read. It's not the fastest drive, but it does have one awesome feature: a built in UHS-II SD Card reader.


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