As You Find Me - Song Story - Hillsong With Everything LIVE in Israel 2 days ago   10:18

Hillsong UNITED
Joel Houston talks about the story behind As You Find Me by Hillsong UNITED, recorded live at Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference in Sydney, Australia. Stream or download the song here:


As You Find Me
Word and Music by
Joel Houston, Matt Crocker & Benjamin Hastings
© 2018 Hillsong Music Publishing
CCLI: 7124065

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Bell Lecca
Wow, all I can say is, Wow.
Damien Jacob Haven
"Your Love is too good to leave me here"
This verse hits me DEEP!
I have been so low, I've been so broken and I've been to the point where I thought I've had it all together, but God never left me, He never gave up on me, He fought for this orphan, He chased this lost sheep, He welcomed this prodigal son back into His loving arms and home with joy in His heart!
I was so lost and broken, I clung to alcohol and self-harm, I lived recklessly but God loved me so much, He didn't want to leave me where I was. He took me as I was and loved me until I was whole again.
Now I know people who are walking through valleys, but God is with them and I know He won't leave them there either, how I know that? Well, His love is too good to leave us 💜
I just can't wait for the day when we will all run into our lovely Father's loving arms and embrace Him with joy and gratefulness in our hearts and we will live forever with Him and praise Him together as the big family that we are ❣✝❣
Whatever you're going through, just know that our Father loves you more than you can imagine, beyond unconditionally, and He always will, you're not alone and trust me, dark valleys have ends, but God's light and grace are limitless and boundless 💖 We are beloved 💖
Ann Mathews
I loved the song when i heard it first a couple of days ago....
But last night i was shattered by sth and literally couldn't stop crying and a heavy weight just came onto my heart. And as I heard the song this morning it had a brand new meaning and resonated with me so well... And i cried being reminded of His Love😭
God has gifted us this through you and we are ever grateful
JoAnne Chisholm
Thank you for being real, raw and authentic!!! We all have these moments!!! So great that we are all FAMILY!!!! Thank you ABBA DADDY FOR YOUR LOVE!!!
Florence Murwira
This wrecked me! 😭 This is me! I'm in!
lizeth Vazquez Medina
Me encanta esta canción cuándo me encuentras podrían cantar este álbum en español hillsong united porfabor me encanta su musica ciento a Dios a través de su música
Daniel camero
This is amazing 🙏🏽 I love this song so much
Syrena Torres
this song has impacted me SO MUCH both spiritually and emotionally!!!!!
Steve Buckles
Joel, I have listened to 'People' for the past 2 weeks every day.  I told my wife on Sunday, 'This young man had an encounter with God in Scotland!' The messages in the song have spoken powerfully to me (I'm about to turn 60) and revealed some truth that I needed to hear also.  Thank you!
daniel cruz
Please please please bring tulele to the USA tour and please put him on more songs his voice comes straight from god
daniel cruz
Brother this mans voice is outstanding wow
girl boy
I just want to thank Joel for allowing God to use him as his voice. ♡
Dj SkEpTiC
Thelonious Coltrane
Hillsong Music Team is arguably the best Christian (NOT CATHOLIC) songwriters of my generation.
Gerald Pasion
Man.. Tulele's short clips.. I know them by heart! This brings me back to my basic levels.. I know that time and time again, I shout my heart's out to God and then fail countless times.. But I'm still here.. I am still in! It is refreshing to know that no amount of mistakes or failure will out love the love of God for us.. Man oh man.. I won't second guess.. This song wrecks me! And it is so good!
Daniel Martinez
This song hit home, God has a plan.
Jonah Ullman
The relief.. the timing.. everything.. this album, these moments.. its like God really is breathing life back in a mass scale, and Im IN.. this has been my season. Ive been in the same place as Joel.. even watching him from a distance. This album brings me back to 2011 when the Lord used Hillsong to draw me to Himself for the firs time. I used to find myself up through the night watching song after song worshipping God with everyone on my screen wishing i was there till 3 in the AM. I have to say, tonight its 3:47 in the morning and this is the first time I've done this in over half a decade that i can remember. Lord, I pray you hear these words, Let this song bring life back to your weary children, and that your Love would truly be too good to leave us here.
tanyaradzwa katsumbe
I feel like my doubts, my fears and all my cares are crushing down on me. some moments am okay others am just broken.
gaurav anshu
Thank You Daddy for this song..... thank you Joel for writing this... ❤️
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With Everything LIVE in Israel As You Find Me - Song Story - Hillsong 2 days ago   11:31

With Everything by Hillsong UNITED recorded on the Hillsong Israel Tour 2017.

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With Everything
Words and Music by Joel Houston
© 2008 Hillsong Publishing

Open our eyes
To see the things that make Your heart cry
To be the church that You would desire
Your light to be seen

Break down our pride
And all the walls we've built up inside
Our earthly crowns and all our desires
We lay at Your feet

Let hope rise
And darkness tremble
In Your holy light
That every eye will see
Jesus our God
Great and mighty to be praised

God of all days
Glorious in all of Your ways
Oh the majesty the wonder and grace
In the light of Your Name

With everything
With everything
We will shout for Your glory
With everything
With everything
We will shout forth Your praise

Our hearts they cry
Be glorified
Be lifted high above all names
For You our King
With everything
We will shout forth Your praise

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