As You Find Me - Song Story - Hillsong Whole Heart (Hold Me Now) 2 days ago   10:18

Hillsong UNITED
Joel Houston talks about the story behind As You Find Me by Hillsong UNITED, recorded live at Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference in Sydney, Australia. Stream or download the song here:


As You Find Me
Word and Music by
Joel Houston, Matt Crocker & Benjamin Hastings
© 2018 Hillsong Music Publishing
CCLI: 7124065

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Wang Chee Chan
Thank you Joel for your heart felt sharing. I went through deep depression last year & felt lost & God was so far. Thank God that He is the master of Restoration & the best loving Father. Thank you for music. May God continue to bless you & the whole team
i litsen to Hillsongs worship everyday
Maybe it's easier to grow a beard....... I hear you and as a man who grew a beard and as your music and lyrics are second-to-none I have no words but thank you your a man ..... a man who knows your mission and you have taught me something new today thank you for your time and thank you for your upload your amazing keep going
Alex Bassett
Bruh, I don't even know Tulele but I'm glad he sang this one. Makes me want to go back and listen to old United stuff. The reprise at the end really gets me...
Gentle Brother
I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who cries when singing this. Your music is perfect for the times in which we live.
govindraj Gudle
Shallom Ndlovu
I always cry with this song 💖💖💖❣️love lord more than anything in the world u will never lose me 💓💓I'm always happy with u
Steffany K
So very precious. The gift of a lifetime, that not many have. thank you so much for this song, it touched me deeply, and helped me not be so hard on myself and stay in condemnation feelings. I was really encouraged by all you said when you talked during the Vancouver Canada concert. God is gracious, and kind, and thanks for sharing your pain and struggle and turning it into something beautiful for the glory of God, and for his people - your forever family.
I’ve never felt so connected to a song. Cried when I saw you guys in Oakland back in June and every other time I hear it. Thank you so much for bringing your music to the world!
Obs Okw
This song is my life right now. Thank you for writing this. It's helping me get through a long shadowy season. Can't thank you enough xxx
Grace Alonso
This song changed my life.
Please release the New Song Acoustic live session!
Evelyn Koch
arxlol chur
man when tulele does those vocals runs i just lost it, you can FEEL it
Bell Lecca
Wow, all I can say is, Wow.
Damien Jacob Haven
"Your Love is too good to leave me here"
This verse hits me DEEP!
I have been so low, I've been so broken and I've been to the point where I thought I've had it all together, but God never left me, He never gave up on me, He fought for this orphan, He chased this lost sheep, He welcomed this prodigal son back into His loving arms and home with joy in His heart!
I was so lost and broken, I clung to alcohol and self-harm, I lived recklessly but God loved me so much, He didn't want to leave me where I was. He took me as I was and loved me until I was whole again.
Now I know people who are walking through valleys, but God is with them and I know He won't leave them there either, how I know that? Well, His love is too good to leave us 💜
I just can't wait for the day when we will all run into our lovely Father's loving arms and embrace Him with joy and gratefulness in our hearts and we will live forever with Him and praise Him together as the big family that we are ❣✝❣
Whatever you're going through, just know that our Father loves you more than you can imagine, beyond unconditionally, and He always will, you're not alone and trust me, dark valleys have ends, but God's light and grace are limitless and boundless 💖 We are beloved 💖
Ann Mathews
I loved the song when i heard it first a couple of days ago....
But last night i was shattered by sth and literally couldn't stop crying and a heavy weight just came onto my heart. And as I heard the song this morning it had a brand new meaning and resonated with me so well... And i cried being reminded of His Love😭
God has gifted us this through you and we are ever grateful
JoAnne Chisholm
Thank you for being real, raw and authentic!!! We all have these moments!!! So great that we are all FAMILY!!!! Thank you ABBA DADDY FOR YOUR LOVE!!!
Florence Murwira
This wrecked me! 😭 This is me! I'm in!
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Whole Heart (Hold Me Now) As You Find Me - Song Story - Hillsong 2 days ago   07:30

Whole Heart (Hold Me Now) by Hillsong UNITED, recorded live at Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference in Sydney, Australia. Listen on our new album People at

We’re on The People Tour in the United States right now.
Find dates and get tickets at


Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)
Words and Music by Joel Houston & Aodhan King
© 2018 Hillsong Music Publishing
CCLI: 7122452

Hold me now
In the hands that created the heavens
Find me now
Where the grace runs as deep as Your scars
You pulled me from the clay
Set me on a rock
Called me by Your Name
And made my heart whole again

Lifted up
And my knees know it’s all for Your glory
That I might stand
With more reasons to sing than to fear
You pulled me from the clay
Set me on a rock
Called me by Your Name
And made my heart whole again

So here I stand
High in surrender
I need You now

Hold my heart
Now and forever
My soul cries out

Once I was broken
But You loved my whole heart through
Sin has no hold on me
‘Cause Your grace holds me now

And that grace
Owns the ground where the grave did
Where all my shame remains
Left for dead in Your wake
You crashed those age-old gates
You left no stone unturned
You stepped out of that grave
And shouldered me all the way

Once I was broken
But You loved my whole heart through
Sin has no hold on me
‘CauseYour grace holds me now

Healed and forgiven
Look where my chains are now
Death has no hold on me
‘Cause Your grace holds that ground
And Your grace holds me now

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