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There is a lot more to this subject than I have covered in this video, this is just the basics. I have used the Wind Turbine Handbook as my primary reference material, it covers pretty much everything you need to know about wind turbines. If you are studying this subject academically I highly recommend it. You buy it on amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Wind-Energy-Handbook-Tony-Burton/dp/0470699752
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Thank you to https://www.youtube.com/user/Kristianpont
For allowing me to use his sound record of wind turbines

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Once again thanks to Bensound.com for the amazing royalty free music. This time I used Bensound - New Dawn

[1] Page 340 Wind Energy Handbook – Tony Burton

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Real Engineering
I plan to remake this video at some point. It's a really shallow explanation. I simply did not have the skill and experience to make a longer video when this was released. I could crank this video out in a single day now. The subject definitely deserves a more in-depth explanation.
oscar garcia
They actually release more C02 into environment in the rebar that is needed to build the concrete foundation. The amount of electricity they produce in the lifetime of the wind turbine is more than the amount of C02 coal or natural gas plants would release for the same amount of electricity . But 5 times more expensive which is passed on to your electric bill . Government Oversite do your job investigate these scam artist who find a way
Fred Schnepel
Because that’s the limit that Liberals can count. Everything after that is free, what!
basant vimal sharma
Three blades is good four bad luck five birds shit and blades stop six scrap metal thieves will dismantle and take it away three frightens everyone.
Well, I saw a different explanation. One blade would be most efficient, but to imbalanced. Two blades, though balance experience some sort of yaw vibration and such mechanical stress. Three blades are the next best efficiency wise so that's what they use three.
Yoshika Kehelpannala
Your explanations are not adequate. They sounds a little.
Speedy O
em wind turbines don't need and are not designed be next to houses so count that out
This technology causes cancer!
Jason Jordan
what about smaller turbines for residential use? I live in central Kansas and I see the big ones up close but what design would work best around or on top of my farm house? I've always thought a different design would work better for closer to the ground wind generators. How does say a cylinder or cone shape compare if held in place with magnet bearings instead of traditional bearings? Use gravity to close openings if the speed becomes to great. I live where it's windy more days then not but I don't need a massive generator to power a 2 story farmhouse and a few out buildings.
McIntosh McDrone
If you have ever wanted to know how fast one of these wind turbines actually stand I made this video and it gives you a very close up look at that
Justin M
i always figured it was the same reason milking stools only have 3 legs
Him Bike
They have 3 blades to Kill more bald Eagles
Le Typ
Sadly no numbers to back the "conclusions"!

so *vid in a nutshell*
- more than 3 blades: not cost effective
- less than 3 blades: too noisy
Flavius Nita
because it is not allowed with decimal point!
Mike Everett
Good video, but hard to comprehend with that jungle music in the background. Would have liked to hear the upclose noise of the blades but the drum beat drowned it out.
Dragomir Ronilac
Rotational speed stability omitted... Shitty explanation
Slashed Nutts
Here is some more modern day garbage. Wind Turbines , Wind Farms? The Kicker is if there is a wind they explode. They only work in a Breeze lol
manila goodmorning
was the video changed? i am a fan of this video. something was changed. i don't exactly know what...
Matt Denihan
Wow I’ve never seen a turbine explode like that
Tom Meyers
Why do illegal aliens have three blades?
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Mini Wind Turbine Why Do Wind Turbines Have Three 2 days ago   04:05

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This demonstration video uses simple components and is intended to be used for a school science project in the fields of alternative energy, renewable energy, wind power, wind mills and/or sustainability. The motor can be purchased at Radio Shack and it is very inexpensive. The propeller (3-blade 13x8) and spinner can be purchased from a hobby shop. The music and special effects are royalty free.

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