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There is a lot more to this subject than I have covered in this video, this is just the basics. I have used the Wind Turbine Handbook as my primary reference material, it covers pretty much everything you need to know about wind turbines. If you are studying this subject academically I highly recommend it. You buy it on amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Wind-Energy-Handbook-Tony-Burton/dp/0470699752
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[1] Page 340 Wind Energy Handbook – Tony Burton

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Real Engineering
I plan to remake this video at some point. It's a really shallow explanation. I simply did not have the skill and experience to make a longer video when this was released. I could crank this video out in a single day now. The subject definitely deserves a more in-depth explanation.
Le Typ
Sadly no numbers to back the "conclusions"!

so *vid in a nutshell*
- more than 3 blades: not cost effective
- less than 3 blades: too noisy
Flavius Nita
because it is not allowed with decimal point!
Mike Everett
Good video, but hard to comprehend with that jungle music in the background. Would have liked to hear the upclose noise of the blades but the drum beat drowned it out.
Dragomir Ronilac
Rotational speed stability omitted... Shitty explanation
Slashed Nutts
Here is some more modern day garbage. Wind Turbines , Wind Farms? The Kicker is if there is a wind they explode. They only work in a Breeze lol
manila goodmorning
was the video changed? i am a fan of this video. something was changed. i don't exactly know what...
Matt Denihan
Wow I’ve never seen a turbine explode like that
Tom Meyers
Why do illegal aliens have three blades?
Tony Idle
Surprising then how many two-blade turbines are in use?
Brian newton
I didn't know that I wanted to know this information, until I saw the video pop up. Thanks for sharing.
Edward Haughney
Nice presentation.  Right to the point.
These damn things just on Vids give me Anxiety Man...they are so big they freak me out
Munich FX
Giants galore Sancho.
Kerry Galway
The only part you did not explain is the part where the cost of the manufacturing and the energy used to make are more than the turbine will produce in it's lifetime
The V164 is owned and produced by MHI-Vestas not Vestas, which is a separate company from MHI-Vestas with a different product line
Because they don't have four ?
Bunnie Miller
BTW : the shorter 4 blade design would also help to eliminate any stress (tho not sure why "an even number of blades" creates stress that an odd number of blades doesn't from one blade being higher) caused since it would be that 10% (or whatever) of its blade length lower than the current model thus reducing both the chance of, as well as any effect of, wind speed that may occur due to the difference in height of the blades. All this keeping in mind that there are 2 ways to increase torque...longer "wrenches"...or MORE "short wrenches".
Bunnie Miller
Well explained, but brings a question...what happens to cost, wind noise and power production if the 4 blade design has the blade length reduced by 10-15 percent? And a second also comes to mind reference the brake failure/turning to fast......why couldn't a 4 blade design be equipped with a way of turning two of the blades "backwards" when high winds are expected in order to have the blade spin counter each other, thus stopping their spin no matter HOW strong the wind gets and eliminating the possible damage that can (as seen in your video) happen??
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The Truth about Hydrogen Why Do Wind Turbines Have Three 2 days ago   14:58

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Errors: I made an off hand comment about adding efficiencies in the video without thinking. This is obviously incorrect, but the final calculation does in fact multiply the efficiencies.


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