Mosul: Fight against ISIS American forces continue airstrikes 1 day ago   05:50

BBC News
Extraordinary BBC footage allows you to join the pilots of the Iraqi army as they fly over Mosul, fighting the militants of the so-called Islamic State. BBC journalist Joe Inwood and Nafiseh Kohnavard from BBC Persian spent a week on an air base just south of Iraq's second city. They captured the conflict as it has never been seen before.

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Ziggy Arteaga
Everbody gangst till bullets start coming from the sky
Sanen Longkumer
*Both pilot died though*
John Doe
Fuckkkk yaaaaaaa
Mickey Tets
I turn around my bed watching this 🗣
Green Defender
I enjoyed helicopter ride more then video content
Wow, incredible, interactive experience. Totally agree with @TheParisto that it really helps with the walkthrough. Very engaging.
Great job BBC.
im Savage
1980: we will have flying cars by 2020
2017: lets kill people in 360 degree
Luke puke
Wow I didn't know this was a moving video! Sick sick sick
Jj Keler
Dale Red
This should be a weekly upload at least
Hiren 22
Aree wah.. mja aa gya🤩🤩ㄴㅈ
max tj
wow first time seeing 360 degree video in youtube 😲😲
Roney Ngala
"If you look behind us now, you can see the second helicopter in the mission..." *But where is it? Didn't know I could figure that out on my own midway into this 360° video!
BabyBoy Daylan
best tourism video in 360 sponsored by BBC proad to you by Heineken drink responsibly.
Vidcon Funn
Thanks to USA this is wat has Become... if U are not Under US u are third World Country or Fake Nuclear State.. UAE who Funds All the Terrorists Organisation is Good Because its Ties With USA...
Rolly Herrera
Wow! That was my cherry popped; first 360 I have seen! Love it!!!!
Jesse Reed
Legend 28
Cool stuff thanks
The Patriots Of Pakistan
Wow... I havent scene something like this before 👌👌👌
The last footage of that reconnaissance choper. hats off.
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American forces continue airstrikes Mosul: Fight against ISIS 1 day ago   02:35

U.S. planes made a second airdrop of food and water for thousands of Iraqis trapped in the mountains, while other U.S. forces struck against the Islamic Militants known as ISIS. Holly Williams reports.

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