Everything Wrong With Mortal Everything Wrong With Captain 2 days ago   14:19

The books are apparently pretty good. This movie? Not so much. Yes, it has sins, and we'll list them for you, but more importantly... this movie isn't good.

Thursday: Not sure yet, but there will be sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Surprised you didn't sin a Star Wars Empire Strikes Back rip-off when Hester jumped to escape Valentine - you got the cloud city, Lando, and flying Solo.
But - "too close to helium"? Unless you were trying to make a John Carter reference (which would have made sense for the stupid moving city), a reference to fire was an oopsie, since helium cannot burn. Loved your Galaxy Quest reference on the countdown stopping at 1.
No Bonus-Round for everytime someone says Hester Shaw? xD
Afri indie
guys i never get the ex machina joke, could someone explain it to me lol
Helium is not flammable, you know that, right?
Rman Nayr
LOL MINIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brian Brimble
Did you really file a complaint with the Screen Writers Guild? (One sin of many)
Ethan Cole
you should have read the book...
dorr Baume
9:46 - Helium is a noble gas and therefore not flammable.
Imagine a birthday party, with the candles and the high explosive balloons...
This whole sin would have made way more sense if you just said hydrogen instead.
That's one sin for you!

T&C Rogers
what a dumpster fire... I have NEVER been so viscerally pissed off at a BS plot than when I sat through this headache. Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.
Leon Hancock
read the book
Sumina Corp
For those of us who have read the book here are two sins.
1: he was originally named Grike not Shrike.
2: I’m the book Hester was made out to be very hideous bu then she turns out very hot.
Also the movie story line was very different from the books so bonus sin.
Caleb Jackson
00:30 false
I like the books more than that shit
Whats happened to your voice, dude?
Sounds like Kermit's cinema sins....
Austin Possinger
I wanna learn the origin of the spicy albanian cola drink
The exposition in this film is horrible. We know he is poor and from a lower class because we are told so, we know the bad guy is whatever he is supposed to because his boss tells him (like he didn't know who he was until his boss told him, lol). This conversations are so unrealistic. The plot is also stupid and cliched.
Lennart Niehof
Am I the only one who genuinely enjoyed this movie?
Joblhio Ryano’s
You missed the “ dark character says won’t tell tragic past to Main character but ends up doing it for emotion “ cliche
Joel Kennedy
Allergic to bullshit is my favourite part
The sin for Pandora Shaw is kinda dumb when that character existed long before Itunes, Spotify, Or fast and furious ever existed.
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Everything Wrong With Captain Everything Wrong With Mortal 2 days ago   22:57

Sorry America, we did not love this movie like most of you did. On an unrelated note, we also found TONS of sins in this movie; way more than you were probably expecting.

Later this week: Something Fincher.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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