Here's Why You Should NEVER EVER Here's Why the 2002 Ford Thunderbird 1 day ago   10:41

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Lukáš Kurtanský
In my opinion, i do not want to slag off this guy, i have seen i think 3 or 4 of his videos and somehow , his persona that he tries to portrait of himself, that kind of “goofy this and that” just does not work. It feel false, faked. I would not mind it to be faked of i did not feel it is just faked for audience to make it interesting as that is the only thing to make it interesting. First video i saw of this guy was something that hit my eye such as :i bought the cheapest Rolce Royce or something like that, which was interesting and then another video of fixing it vut at the end of the second one i startedmto have a bit of a headache . Was not sure what it was but then i found out and did not watch more gidwos of him apart of the one he was showing his house or something like that to give it a is his unnatural face grimace he makes for show and that mentioned goofy style it is very pushy and kind of annoys and spoils the story i am trying to follow. Almost as he is targeting audience at age of between 9 and 13 years old. Oh, and one more video i saw was that was made with him and Dough de Muro. That is also what i had in my mind that i somehow got feeling as he is trying to copycat Dough and it ends up with bad very bad later annoying version of Dough. Now, I do not really know who was first , whether Dough or this Guy, but i certainly like better presentation of Dough. Dough might not be in private life the same as he is in his videos, but he does it so believable that it makes it real . But this guy just feels to me as he is trying to do a lot of show and jokes that (to me) are rather time waisting not funny and how he presents himself,the character feels very Unnatural,as i am sure he is not like this in real life. Almost as he is maybe recording every shot 5 to 8 times to make it as cool and funny and the most popular for the whole world as it could be. I would give him one advice (i know,who am i to give anyone advice) , i think your content is not bad, i actually think your content is interesting for me and people like me (male,34years old,very DIY, carpenter by EduCaTioN, qualified personal trainer,having 3 miniature dachshunds,living in the UK,driving VW Phaeton)you have got things to say, you have got a mechanic mate that is something i would like to HAVE, you have got some cars of my interest(of course not those USA made garbage tins,sorry people from USA, but that is true, that is why you can not sell those cars here in Europe as they are just, well, no more offence, you are young nation being here just couple of hundred years, you are going to learn one day as well) , i think also the story is not bad, only what i do not like and spoils the story is the character Hoovey or how you spell it(SORRY,i remember just that it has something to do with hoover,i do not know why,as such name is good for character for 3years old:)) you created that just does not fit into it. This naive backward guy that you are trying to push forward is not fitting into the story. Do not be frightened to get rid of him as i said,your story you show is interesting,stop some of those bad jokes,get little more serious,please,PLEASE, stop those facial expressions and i am going to show you exactly where but i guess you know where.for example watch the 3minute 25 second when you get into the car and start showing around the wear and tear and dead pixwls, just watch watch your face and give yourself a slap for it. COME ON MAN! We want to see the content:)) watch your face for a minute, right there where there is the very Americany USA wooden looking vehicle next to you. All the time, watch your face expressions, YES THOSE. STOP IT! I am glad you have red all of this as i made THE efforts to try to help you to get more subscribers:)) stop being the Goofy retard kind of whatever you do and be YOU. THAT IS IT, CONTENT IS GOOD, JUST STOP LICKING THE LEMON:) good luck:)
Martin Mörsch
Conversation at a Masserati Dealership that probably already happend somewhere, surely:
„I have a problem with my Masserati“
„Whats wrong with it?“
„Uhm, the warninglights are all off...“
„hmm, thats weird..., lets go and see!“
Maserati and McLoser should have a show down to see who's more unreliable! If this Maser passes up the $150k+ in parts and labor for repairs in your McLoser, it will be the ultimate example of why you never own Italian cars out of warranty.

If you're a "thinking man" you stay away from everything British, German, American, and Italian and buy an NSX.
Lee Hughes
Way too many adverts. Luckily I know to slide to the end and restart so I dont need to watch them.
aaron abel
Nice price or crack pipe?
Matthew Smith
I would have thought the dealer should of not charged you if its an issue they have created. Unless when you swapped the computer for it it needed resetting
barry phillips
An expensive over priced toy! With cars like Tyler likes, if you need to ask the salesman how many miles per gallon it gets, you can not afford it!
Bry Bry madness
I saw one here for 18k it was yellow
Unknown Ghost
Bro u 200 miles away from everything 😂😂
7:40 Donut Operator! Is there a very limited background music selection for youtube videos?
Carlos Diesel Electric
Love the exterior and the appearance but the interior WTF?
Arnie Smith
How about a trade. I have a 2001 Pontiac GP, trade you for the 4door plus $300. I will deliver the GP and you can send me the $300 when you can. Sweet deal! Don’t miss out!
Will Nicholson
Maserati Spork Hahahaha
Giovanni Kroon
Ill give you 8800$ for it ;)
jizz us
You're right: you must be stupid to buy a crap like a quatroporte, it's everything but quick/fast and it's everything but reliable... That said the exhaust sound is cool... It's a high price
Randy Hoffman
Moral of story - If you are a pussy, don't buy a Maserati.
Me ontenz
Late model Maserati’s are more reliable. However, there’s a however. However parts are either A. Expensive or B. Hard to find. I own a 2014 Ghibli SQ4 with 65k miles. Needs new shocks, there is absolutely no aftermarket options for the SQ4. Megan no, Koni no, BC Racing no, and I even spend $3200 for KW’s when the dealer said it was compatible. Wrong, KW says they don’t make shocks for the SQ4. OEM price is 4K and that’s only the shocks, springs etc, not included. Great looks, great sounding Ferrari built motor...but that’s about it. I won’t do it again. Nope, not ever.
lukes 2777
Italian shit car
Martin D
Breadsticks are penises for slender midwestern Americans.
Peter Mclelland
You only purchase something 'quirky' if you can afford it. The joy is in the unpredictability !
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Here's Why the 2002 Ford Thunderbird Here's Why You Should NEVER EVER 1 day ago   20:27



The 2002-2005 Ford Thunderbird was a flop -- and today I'm reviewing a Thunderbird to show you why. This retro Thunderbird had promise, but it didn't quite catch on -- and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the Thunderbird, and then I'm going to drive it and review the Ford Thunderbird.


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