WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE? - Best Motivational Video This Video Will Make 7 months ago   11:15

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Who Do You Want To Be? This is a powerful Motivational Speech Video on figuring out for yourself who you want to become. These motivational videos are created to motivate students to study for exams, work hard, and fight feelings of depression and anxiety.

What kind of person do you want to be? Who do you admire? Sometimes you have to take the leap and make changes in your life to improve it for the better. Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Will Smith
Tony Robbins
Les Brown
Jim Rohn
Earl Nightingale


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A Piece of Happiness - Short Film


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Lihle Nqono
Thanks for this coz things are just bad
nassima ouchkeni
change ur question u change ur life !
Ritik Singh
There's no royal road to success
But after success
Every road is royal.
Manuel Bernal
your life is little but you have plenty of time to complete your life. You have to be prepared for everything
Alejandro Sandoval
Wow. What a plethora if GREAT advice from a wide variety of great orators: Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Napoleon Hill (or Earl Nightingale, not sure), etc, etc, etc......

HOLY SMOKES. Get your kids in on this. This is the one KEY thing that was missing from my childhood. Now I am trying to reprogram myself. Press through my friends!
Chezale Presents
I would've liked to hear a feminine perspective as part of this.
Devin's Variety Channel
I am an online student and I'm in my 7th grade year, and this is by far the hardest school year I've had so far. I only have about a month left in my courses and I just need one final push. And these videos do help.
Claustro Kerbie
This video touched my heart
HERO 745
I want to rise above. Muhammad Ali said to service is to pa your debt in living, or I think he said so, so I wanna do something great and change the world.
Goodness Oberiefoh
Welcome all experiences...u never know which one will change everything
Faith Eminue
So inspiring tenx a bunch.
Emir Abukaraki
black ops 3 ?!
Joseph Cianelli
The 301 people are truck drivers ( im not trying to be mean it a jome it a very good vidoe)
Red Oni Productions
"Well....yeah I want more money" "Fine here's a dollar, get outta here" holy *fuck*
Chow Time
Thank you for sharing! 👍😀👍
Sadiq Khan Sadiq Khan
First comment
A'jayla play's
Am I the only one that in my class when we do c-mass yest she puts on videos like this
I am a college student, trying to become an architect. My dream is to build my parents the dream house they’ve always wanted. My mom is an il lady and sometimes she gets to the point where we have to take her to the hospital for days. I want to make her proud and so I go to college, I found a job, and I’m trying to be a successful youtuber. I will not rest until I make my mother happy. I barely get any sleep, I working/learning/and working again. I promised myself by the end of this year I will pass all my classes with a great GPA, I promise myself by the end of this year I will make a great allowance, and by the end of this year I will reach my goal on one thousand subscribers.

Never give up 🙏
key Art 수마
While watching this I feel like I'm about to cry. One of my biggest fear is making a wrong decision that I'd regret my whole life. I want to live the life I dream. Again I can't find my passion for something. Life is so hard!
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This Video Will Make WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE? - Best Motivational Video 7 months ago   05:43

The Simple Message That Every Student and Young Person Needs to Hear by Marc Mero.
►Marc's book "How to be the Happiest Person on the Planet" - https://amzn.to/2y2O7kI
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►Speaker: Marc Mero

Marc Mero is a motivational speaker, Author and a former WWE Wrestling Champion. Marc shares his captivating journey with audiences worldwide and inspires people to examine their life choices. Everyone faces adversity. “It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get back up. You can do anything you set your mind to!”

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