Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Heckling Pete Buttigieg on Gaining Popularity 2 days ago   08:08

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Mayor Pete Buttigieg explains how he tracked down Jerry Seinfeld to make him accept a key to the city, reacts to Trump's nickname for him, breaks down his 2020 campaign platform and shares his analysis about who will claim Game of Thrones' Iron Throne.

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Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Heckling Jerry Seinfeld, His 2020 Campaign, GoT Predictions


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Harold Goodman
He is the real deal. The others can't hold a candle to his sincerity, humanity. The perfect President.
Alaa Alouzi
Proud to be maltese for 2 reasons:
-because of pete, he setting a good name for malta and is getting a lot of support (including mine) for being an open minded and honourable person
-the fact that i can pronounce his surname without difficulty
Peir's Creative Collective
He just single handedly restored my faith in leadership. The world needs more people like him. Not just one. Give us a hundred Mayor Petes!
Linda Dimira
This guy Pete is a card carrying Communist fag.A racist and a crook.
Raptor 101
It’s over for Pete. He forgot that he is white.
Pingu is epic
Pete's a shitty candidate with terrible policies, but he seems like a nice and funny guy
ray roderick
'her dad was in the military' -- got to drop the military references any time he can to woo the Red state people in an expression of political savviness
Renhamilton 962
I've been watching videos with this guy and I'm in awe. He comes across as so knowledgeable, has hugely admirable military expirence, and just comes across as such a nice guy.

While I don't think its best to judge the candidates on interviews, with everything I've watched he seems incredible. I've heard people complain about him having no policies but to me its just so refreshing to see a candiate that comes across as someone who just wants to help and seems genuinely loving and compassionate.

Even though I'm not from the states, if he wins I would thrilled.
Xiao Ran Li
Who wants to watch a Buttigieg and Trump debate? I want to see that orange turd speechless
J Boland
One thing I would like to note is that while Buttigieg is young, he actually has more political experience than Trump, who had no experience as a politician before the presidency.
Matthew Gervese caused by man.
The environment is a world issue. Even if the US became green what about China, India, ect.
Grant Purdy
I am from Canada. Four years ago, I was going to South Bend for my sons' baseball tournament. I contacted his office before hand and asked if he would meet with me and my boy. He invited us to his office, and was as gracious as anyone could be. Bright, intellectual, articulate and so gracious and kind. What you see in his public persona is sincere. I hope he gets the Democratic nod.
I doubt Trump even knows what ‘literary reference’ means. Too many syllables that don’t directly reference HIM.

I would pay good money to see Pete debate Trump. For starters, he has to have about 60 IQ points on him. ‘Stable genius’ not withstanding.
He had me on the hook until he said "popular vote". I just don't feel good about letting California and New York deciding every election for the whole country. California lives on a completely different planet than the rest of America.
Mad Magazine. OMG, I knew he looked familiar. LMFAO!! Trump you nailed it. Shit like that is what got you elected. Keep it up and you'll have 2020 in the bag.
Jimmy is literally a a clown lol...even his noises
Jack Gates
Decent guy, but not enough Asian for me to vote for him.
Jack Gates
If corporate dems are promothing this guy, this is a huge red flag for me!
Rose Blaz
Anyone else noticed how speechless the talk show host was half the time lol love this guy
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Pete Buttigieg on Gaining Popularity Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Heckling 2 days ago   08:53

The Democratic presidential candidate discusses his rising popularity and being a man of faith.

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