Back Up Your Photos With Clean Up Your iPhone or iPad 5 months ago   05:46

David A. Cox
Using Google Photos to Back Up Your Photos

We’ve all got valuable pictures, videos, contacts, and documents on our phones and computers, but many of us don’t have a backup plan in case something happens. Google Photos is a great application in it’s own right, but today I am going to show you how to use it to make backups of all of your photos on your computer and/or mobile device.

Google Photos allows you UNLIMITED SPACE to back up high resolution photos or 15 gigs of space to save them at full resolution. Google’s definition of “high resolution” is 16-megapixel images and 1080p videos (if you upload higher resolutions, they will be downsized to these dimensions). That is perfectly fine for the vast majority of us since most of our cameras don’t shoot higher than that. If you need higher resolution, Google gives you 15 gigs of space to start with and you can buy more very inexpensively. *Note that you do share that 15 gigs with your gmail, Drive account, etc*

There are many other ways to back up your photos as well and there’s no reason not to use multiple backup solutions if you like.

In future videos, I will show you how to use Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and other options to save your content, so watch our channel for those soon.

1:04 Backing up pics using your desktop/laptop
3:35 Backing up pics on your phone

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Avyukth Shashidhar
So my problem Is that I want to keep certain photos in certain accounts (I have 3 different g mails which I store different photos in) and whenever I delete a photo from one account it gets deleted from all the others and I dont like that can you tell me if you could how to help me with my dilemma...
VideoGamesKing VideoGamer
thank you so much this is the best video ever I'm saving all my Photos right now doing the backup 👍
Daniel Goldenberg
Up on the left an apple adv .
Babo Billal
Sunanda Rani
I am sorry... I am not good in Latin language... I didn't understand correctly and I want to back up my photos...
OK, David, once I back up my photos, how can I then restore them to a different Google Account? Thanks, Barry
Google photos take up so much space and when it says delete some photos to free some space it deleted over 200 photos even though it said all of them would be backed up.
Ruth S
can I email my photos from Google and how do I delete a photo?
Black Sheep Remover
its very impressive
Jaysciencetech World
For more details and insight to Google photos see here
Willy Compere
Backup Evry my picture
Akash ak
I restored some photos from Google photos then I lost them from my phone so how can I get them back
Lois Shanahan
I have all my photos in Google Photo app. If I get a new phone, what happens to these photos? Will I lose them?
Since my iPhone storage got full from Apple. Thanks, man
Ur right Tik Tok is America..
Pea Nut
😊 If my photos were taken from my phone, they are automatically copied into my Google Photos. From there I have been downloading my Google Albums to my EXTERNAL hard drive that is plugged into my laptop.

If I take photos from my Canon camera, I reverse the process. I move the photos from my camera to my external hard drive and THEN upload them to Google Photos!!

All the folders on my external hard drive are named "ORIGINALS + description". This is so I know that the photos in that folder are also stored Google Photos!

In my albums on Google Photos I lable them "On Hard Drive + description". This way I know I already have the original stored on my external hard drive!

For purposes of backing up my beloved photos, this had been a great process. Where it gets tough for me is doing all the edits BEFORE uploading or downloading! As you know, this is very time consuming! I've been editing them on my phone app called Pixlar or Photo Director... I wish I was proficient in Photoshop!

Thanks for the great video and sharing this valuable information!
Pea Nut
I have 2 questions:

1) Is the Google ARCHIVE unlimited storage? I so wish I could archive a Google Album and the photos would remain in an album! Instead the archive is unorganized!

2) Sometimes after I archive some photos they remain in the Photos section. And if I try to archive them again, they just turn gray. If I try to open a gray box/photo, it just spins and won't open! Do you, or any subscribers know what's going on here? I didn't see anything this specific in "Help". 😟
Number Six Son
Great photo class. I’ll be backing up my treasurers photos to my G-Mail account, which will provide me with more space on my iPhone. Looking forward to checking out other technology classes in the New Year.
ric Nzamba Nzamba
i didnt save my pictures via drive and google photo Ive lost my phone can you help me sir?
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Clean Up Your iPhone or iPad Back Up Your Photos With 5 months ago   06:46

Out of space?!?! Today David's showing you how to clean up your iPhone or iPad in UNDER 10 MINUTES! No 3rd party software! Just a bunch of easy tricks that anyone can use to clear off some space on your iPhone or iPad.


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Today we are going over a bunch of simple tips and tricks to get you back some space on your iPhone or iPad. This class was taught on March 18, 2018 on an iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 11.2.

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