Jeffrey Epstein case just New questions emerge on Jeffrey Epstein's 1 day ago   07:27

The Amazing Lucas
Jeffrey Epstein case just got WORSE

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Jeffery Epstein case keeps getting better and better.

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The Amazing Lucas
(**DISCLAIMER** No I do not believe or support the notion that Hillary Clinton called in to take Epstein off of the watch) However, let me just say the amount of coincidences that happened sounds like something straight from Ocean's 11.
Never Go Full Retard/Jussie Smollett shirt:
steven dunkley
That Trump intern had it bang on the nose when he said he got 'Hillary-ed' ! I couldn't have put it better myself. ;-)
Kroo M7K5
I can say this is the first time this dude annoyed the shit out of me in his videos. The fake laughter is way too much
I was telling people with in ear shot of me right after this turd got scooped he was going to commit suicide. The fact the media wants us to believe the motherfucker is dead so bad should be a giant red flag to those with eyes to see. They don't care how you arrive at him being dead so long as you believe he is in fact dead. As a child when I was told at public school that Hitler and Ava committed suicide. But before offing themselves leaving instructions to burn their bodies beyond recognition so only dental records could be used to identify them. I didn't buy that bullshit as a child and I am not buying this bullshit 46 years in either.
Bernard Haller
i like how they say he had multiple neck fractures what was his cell 3 stories tall and if so how did he tie a rope to the top to make the drop?
Nita Pita
This case is getting me more and more upset foolish do they think we are ....honestly you’re doing a great job calling people out on their bs but I couldn’t watch your full video because my blood started bubbling at the stupid excuses coming out of this case ..
Alisa Detwiler
Of course people are suspicious, there is a trail of corpses behind the Clintons. And what was with the portrait of Bill in a blue dress?
Coiled Steel
Occam's Razor should prevail, ad simplest answer usually most obvious and accurate!
Guy Boykin
Oh you're right Lucas. Something smells, and it's not the jail toilet. The deep state has been lying to us for decades, and they're not about to stop now.
Benjamin Brown
Nothing to see here. Yeah I know a lot people have died that have had dirt on the Clinton's but it's all a coincidence
You couldn't make this shit up!
T Puukko
Hyoid bone, what is that? The person who did the job might know it... by now 😂
Epstein: YES !!!!!!!!! I'm finally alone that nosey🕵️‍♀️ cellmate and those pesky guards are finally so tired😩 I can kill myself in peace...☠☠☠
Samuel Iam
*I can tell you this; HE AIN'T DEAD. No way on this planet did he NOT have a Deadman's Trigger to release EVERYTHING 'in case of his death'.* He's enjoying margaritas, somewhere. His Mossad would NOT let one of their best blackmail operatives to die.
who ever killed him is DEAD by now or will be killed soon...
Comrade von Herpenderpf
If anyone still refuses to believe government only serves itself after this, I don't know what to say.
Terry Novax
Hey Lucas, besides your content being humourous and dripping with irony, I must say, you have beautiful teeth!
Donna Smith
Lucas I don't have a bridge to sell you I have a moon to sell you it's also it also has pink and purple polka dotsthat is so under the ground under the table killing keep up the great work Gizmo signing off with a laugh
Nick Jacks
This is your best video yet lol
It is a clear case of assisted suicide.
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New questions emerge on Jeffrey Epstein's Jeffrey Epstein case just 1 day ago   03:56

Further investigation into his death reveal that jail guards should have checked on him every 30 minutes, but sources say protocol was not followed in the hours before his body was discovered.

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