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Mark Owen interviews Andrew Macgregor Marshall, lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University about the Thai electoral panel's decision to bar Princess Ubolratana from elections

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เสรีย์ สิทธิภาพ
None member of Royal family involved with political movement in the world
Richard well
Don't let them fool you . This is a scam; this cougar princess had been sent to destroy people’s political party by the new king and his privy council.
The entire Thai king is a monster; Thailand has no Social Security Service for the people whatsoever all the revenue goes to the palace and military.
Since the army general first king of Chukri dynasty had murder the whole family of king Taksin the previous monarchy and took control of power over Thailand he went crazy and ordered his son and daughter to married inbred between siblings. This late king is carry bad genes from incest as a retard. He had been studied in Duntroon military officer school of Australia for seven years only finished as a first sergeant he could not do simple Mathematics but the palace boasting about his skill in pilot.
Perfect analysis of the situation
Kirk Wilson
France news needs to get Macron out of France, not worry about Thailand.
Samson No Delilah
Her party knows full well her nomination goes against the tradition and would have expected the push back from her brother what's the real reason they push for her nomination?
unpaid troll
the princess looks like a tranny
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Thailand Elections: Interview with Thailand elections: Should Princess 2 days ago   03:13

Andrew MacGregor Marshall, Journalist and Author, is talking about Thailand Elections.

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