The WEIRDEST PC Parts we Found on AliExpress Cities: Skylines World Record 1 day ago   19:28

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We tasked a bunch of the team to find weird and unusual PCIe/PCI cards - here is what they found.

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Linus Tech Tips
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Kevin Mai
have you foudn the rgb 24pin cable already?
What is the host's (forgot his name) personal setup? i imagine its a beast :D
1:05 Riley's face expression
Abhisek De
Linus made me cry this time.
Why do they still do computer showcasing in the kitchen
I was expecting something like a card to connect to a toilet or something, not fans, engineer equipment or adapters.
Jason Davis
Windows 7 rules, Windows 10 Is SHIT.
8:25 "oh yeah, ohhh yeaaahh.." :D
Nando Gil
can you guys make a video of good stuff you can find in aliexpress? that would be great for almost no budget people. if there is
Greeny Greenson
I like how u guys just do this and I sit at home playing roblox games at 20 fps.
Some Name
Recap the entire card. Trust me. The MLC's shouldn't need it. Also on Linus' expansion escapade he overamped the card due to the massive power draw of all the resistant wiring as well as the cards power draw.
Are you mocking us with these thumbnails? I'm not a 5 year old.
Indra Setiawan
a J
Fun at work...
Chris Busenkell
come on linus!?! you didn't even try to use something challenging like a serial ribbon cable or a microUSB to 5pin usb or end up with it all coming out of a headphones audio jack...
Chris Busenkell
Did you guys hire these guys as part of a government fulfillment/placement program or something? i'm really hesitant to call anybody in this group, except for the leader of course, a "computer nerd." its definitely good you're keeping these guys off the streets though...
Brett Masters
how many m.2 can you fit in a PC ????????????????or should i just connect my left testicle and make a baler of a system i mean sound cards a worthless 4 gpu,s are stooped although wonted in some cases so what do we use pci-e for besides the crap you guys come up with that is lol
Team Black
This was friggin hilarious. I'm still curious about Alex's thingamajig
Logan Joseph
cool video!
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Cities: Skylines World Record The WEIRDEST PC Parts we Found on AliExpress 1 day ago   1:12:00

Two Rivers Speedrun, where 80,000 population is reached for megalopolis. Completed in 1:11:10.94, slightly less than how I timed it.

This is taken from a livestream on Monday, September 14 at

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