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What Elon Musk said about Nikola Tesla in an interview, may shock you. Elon Musk is quickly becoming one of the most famous people on earth. Tesla the car company, SpaceX, SolarCity, The Boring Company are all companies of Elon Musk's, which are leading the way in technology and humanity's future. However, his thoughts on Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison took me back for a minute.

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Bright Insight
I regret stating that Elon Musk is not a rocket scientist. He definitely is, he designs rockets! I had originally stated that he wasn’t because he had dropped out of the graduate applied physics program. Who cares? He certainly is a rocket scientist.
A couple more corrections to this video: The museum that Elon Musk donated to is in New York, not Belgrade.
Also, the electric chair actually utilizes A/C, not D/C!
Thanks again for watching
Stuart Cookie
I thought they were a Rock Band !! Didnt they write a killer song called "Edisons Medicine" Hell yeah...Rock on!!!
Lao G
because "ILLUMINATI"
jessica kiefer
Tesla tried to give to the world but, rich, greedy men stopped him!!!!! So.....what do you do??
jessica kiefer
If we listen to why Musk admires Edison over Tesla we hear one thing....Money! Tesla wanted to give his inventions to the WORLD for FREE!!!!! He wanted to better us ALL!!! Edison wanted to make a buck while becoming famous for OTHER INVENTORS WORK!!! He reneged on a payment to Tesla of 50,000 dollars!!!! That meant he was NOT an honorable man!!! He was a crook, a liar and a thief!!!! And yet, we learn about him in school. Hmmmm……..what does that say about the people who write history??? And yet....Tesla sat back and did nothing to defend himself or take Edison to court for the money...did he??? Why was Tesla so docile?? Why did he allow the world to step all over him and not demand differently??? When he lost monetary backing for the Tesla tower, why didn't he find another like minded soul to back him??? Wasn't there one honest rich man out there to back him- for all our sakes??? What happened to make Tesla roll over like a whipped puppy dog and take it from men like Edison and Rockefeller??? I'm sure there were people who opposed these men over Tesla and could've helped Tesla succeed...….Makes me wonder why Tesla shut up and disappeared??? Tesla was kind enough to mentor several people only for them to steal his work and claim it for themselves and he NEVER did a thing. WHY??? He had patents on all the work and he let men take the work and claim they had invented it.....All he would've had to do was show the patents to a judge. I just wonder why he never fought back and claimed his work. AND why we don't learn about him in school?? Why is he our dirty little secret??? Makes me wonder what we're missing that he knew....doesn't it??? Maybe he figured out what the elite knew and wanted to keep hidden?? Hmmmmmm……..
pieter bezuidenhout
Proof that the rich STEAL from the poor. You are known by your friends you keep so Elon Musk is an asshole if he sides with crook Thomas Edison and yes l am a South African.
Liam O’Neil
There’s a quote from Tesla describing the future, I dont know it verbatim but he essentially perfectly described the iPhone, FaceTime, Skype, the internet etc... he said this in 1926, when 60% of the us population still didn’t have access to electricity... that’s some wild shit
mustafe Abdirahaman
You will get haters when you become genius I think thise world is not ready for knowledge every kid and every human being is afraid to tell what they know because of the haters in thise world I have learnt about those who are wrongd in the past
hubert wahlang
Tesla was robbed so how would he have the funding to share his inventions with the world . Elon musk is wrong
The American government swooped in after Tesla's death and classified it as top secret. JP Morgan helped destroy his free energy plant. Tesla made RICH powerful people his enemies due to his idealism. Tesla was also Autistic. He lacked social skills and due to the lack of diagnosis at the time, his neurosis, unchecked, grew worse and worse. Howard Hughes was the same way. This was ALSO used to discredit him to prevent him from being talked about ESPECIALLY learned about. His inventions gave power to the people. Do you really think the 3% wanted poor people living lives of happiness and joy? It's not a conspiracy, it's economics.
Ryan Josef
Tesla claims he intercepted alien radio transmissions from mars
He also claims he has many amazing invention which he didn't reveal to the public before because he didnt want the government to use or even find out about those things or else we would have much more great technology from nikola
N-Key 2
You want to know more of Elon's genuine opinion, yet when he expresses it, people criticize him for them. What's in it for him?
you need to consider that Tesla actually earned a lot, it was his late experiments which ruins him... even do Westinghouse payd his living until his death...
joutlaw 757
We all know the good and bad of Edison but without a doubt Nikola Tesla had a huge impact and deserve more credit like the guy who created the first video game. Edison was like the Shark of McDonalds who gave it to the public. Yes we love it but yes people have become obese thanks to it. Same with Edison. Yes you put things to market and items like electric chair makes you a great killer inventor like the inventor of guns. Tesla was careful as he knew in an einstein level that humans will take great things and weaponize them.
Fred Rohrbacher
How can you name your car company Tesla and downplay the importance of the genius that Nicolae Tesla was. Thomas Edison was clearly a sociopath.
Nikola Tesla is the Rodney Mullen of science.
chris siemers
It's not NASAs fault we haven't gone to Mars or the moon, it's the Government officials who killed their budget.
Dillon Jensen
Tesla did not die poor he lived in an expensive ass apartment in the city
Edison is a dirt bag for what he did to Tesla
James Collins
Edison was forced to drop out school after 3rd grade. Maybe he felt he had to compensate for his lack of education. Perhaps you are judging Edison's treatment of animals by today's standards not those of his era.
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Elon Musk "Living on Mars Elon Musk on Nikola Tesla 9 months ago   13:26

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This interview aired November 24, 2013.

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