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What Elon Musk said about Nikola Tesla in an interview, may shock you. Elon Musk is quickly becoming one of the most famous people on earth. Tesla the car company, SpaceX, SolarCity, The Boring Company are all companies of Elon Musk's, which are leading the way in technology and humanity's future. However, his thoughts on Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison took me back for a minute.

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Bright Insight
I regret stating that Elon Musk is not a rocket scientist. He definitely is, he designs rockets! I had originally stated that he wasn’t because he had dropped out of the graduate applied physics program. Who cares? He certainly is a rocket scientist.
A couple more corrections to this video: The museum that Elon Musk donated to is in New York, not Belgrade.
Also, the electric chair actually utilizes A/C, not D/C!
Thanks again for watching
Russian Man Bad.
Tesla wanted to give the world free energy. Thomas Edison and J.P. Morgan put it on the market to make a ton of money off of Tesla's hard work. Someone asked Albert Einstein "How does it feel to be the smartest man in the world?" His reply was "I don't know go ask Nikola Tesla"
Savitha M
Dear Bright Insight.. Have you read regd meeting of Swami Vivekananda and Nikola Telsa ? Do read regd the letter Swami Vivekananda wrote Regd Nikola Tesla before he started inventing things. Bharatiya Sanatana (Ancient) Scriptures have info as to how to generate Electricity, Build Flying crafts ( Read Srimad Ramayana... Vimana / Pushpaka Vimana) and more Tech like Tele -porting was already in use in Bharatha. None of the technology we see today are new but we're used in Bharatha since ages. It's good some of this knowledge is being rediscovered and implemented for welfare of humanity. We admire Nikola Tesla for implementing ideas which helps humanity today.
Gabriel M
I'm very intrigued abaut the space sex thing .... ; )
David Morisset
To keep free energy hidden from the masses while they use it and charge us for it. Just a thought.
Senad Selimovic
Of course is edison better because everyting today its about business, they killed people who wanted a free world for everyone, they like monsters who are killing. They teaching kids who hitler was instead of teaching who the smart people was. Thats why we got nothing for free today!

Business doesnt live forever
Dr. Invader;}
I understand. Thomas Edison is a shaved packrat with three buttholes.
Infinite Vision
Elon Musk is basically a modern day Edison, hence the reason he idolized Edison over Tesla. Just like Edison, he's a businessman not inventor and utilizes his monetary power to push new technology to the masses in a subtle, futuristic way, which is appealing & innovative but yet unpredictable and probably why ppl don't trust him to operate in the best interest of humanity since money talks louder than morale these days. I was def disappointed seeing this, always had a false sense of heroism for the guy. Btw, donations are easy tax wrote offs, which shed a philantropist light on him and shut ppl up at once. Great vid, thanks for exposing Edison as the sociopath shark he was
jai Spartan 006
Interview with Joe Rogan
André Alves
I wish a thunderbolt could hit Elon Musk right in the core of his soul and tear him apart burning his waste of human existence to ashes.
Jessica tg Hill
This must be some sort of joke.
George Baker
I have a small theory in which Elon knows about how people trying to progress the world upsets the “others” (fbi, secret organisation,the same people who killed Tesla) and is therefore trying to mask that fact until he’s powerful enough to make significant change almost instantly without opposition
King Of Bel
Indeed. Ever since I was born I always heard way more about Thomas Edison than Tesla. And I never heard about all the bad things Edison did, and how he didnt actually invent light bulbs.
That aside, even if he didnt actually invent anything, you gotta respect the man for actually doing enough that his name lived on for years and years to come. There's different kinds of genius in this world, not just the inventors, and I respect them all.
And it's really sad that Tesla never got the recognition he actually deserved. I mean let's be real, where would we be without electricity? It's the energy that powers all our current technology.
I just hope that Tesla wasn't the type of man that cared about fame and he is just happy that he played a massive role in humanity's evolution.
I've been teaching about Tesla and Edison in junior high schools and elementary schools in Asia for years. There's always a kid that takes Edison's name as his own English name and doesn't like to hear about the low down dirty business practices of Edison. It's only in north America that people are recently learning about him. It's the rich people that fund the wars and lawsuits with paid prostitute government officials in their pockets that write the history books. Musk just praises Edison's success at bringing products to market through collective ingenuity that otherwise might not have ever been discovered or made for the masses. The real inventors and engineers of those days could rarely afford to make their designs become reality. Musk does something very similar. He uses a collective of engineers and inventors to bring his dreams into reality for all of us to see and a minority of us to use. But the benefits of his bringing these marvels to the market are done in a more fair and ethical Way that will benefit most of us in the future. I'm not a fan of Edison either but we all benefit from his selfish foul yet life changing efforts. The real heroes like Tesla that are meek and of good character rarely see fame or riches in their lifetime. Can people really hate musk for wanting to be both? Haters will always hate.
Joseph Newsome
i'm disappointed to hear Elon say that.
Who the fuck is elon musk??
Mista MuffinMan_YT
Marconi invented the radio but used 17 of Tesla's patents and the US supreme court ruled that Tesla invented the radio
Mofasa Mafasa
Elon Musk is a modern day Edison.
La Jo Ba
JP Morgan was going to help fund Tesla.... But when he heard the word "Free Energy" he decided to withdraw.
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Elon Musk "Living on Mars Elon Musk on Nikola Tesla 6 months ago   13:26

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This interview aired November 24, 2013.

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