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What Elon Musk said about Nikola Tesla in an interview, may shock you. Elon Musk is quickly becoming one of the most famous people on earth. Tesla the car company, SpaceX, SolarCity, The Boring Company are all companies of Elon Musk's, which are leading the way in technology and humanity's future. However, his thoughts on Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison took me back for a minute.

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Bright Insight
Hey everyone, thank you so much for watching. Definitely check out my other videos on Nikola Tesla, there is a lot more to be said. EDIT: A couple corrections to this video 1) The museum that Elon Musk donated to is in New York, not Belgrade. 2) The electric chair actually utilizes A/C, not D/C! I need to double check my sources and see if the original design had DC implemented and was changed after? Thanks again for watching.
Causeless_Joy _
Ya why didn't Tesla bring his product to market like Edison??? Lol! Oh maybe because J.P. Morgan, Edison, and others had a major smear campaign ongoing against Tesla??? Watch the Tesla Files series for some clues as to why and how Tesla was being suppressed. By the way. Tesla's most important work is still around, there are people using his work to create free energy and other technologies, so Tesla will have the last laugh in a big way!!!
peter kohl
This did shock me, lost faith in Elon
Him Upadhyay
Who tf cares, what Elon musk think about Tesla, Elon is like dust in front of Tesla.
Him Upadhyay
If Tesla was alive today he'd have changed the world!
If that’s how he feels then he should change all his s**t to Edison instead of tesla cause it’s an insult to his name to carry tesla name on his s**t and not even really admire or respect the man, Edison was a thief, the real genius is tesla he just wanted his inventions to benefit humanity he didn’t want money accept to help towards his inventions but unfortunately in this life it’s all about money, you need to make things happen and you need it to live so in that expect he fail cause he was too trusting and in the end it cost him everything including other people getting rich off his work, he would’ve been set for life had he not tore up that contract with ge and made other bad business deals, you always make sure you get paid even if your not about the money, it’s what your entitled to for your work, I feel bad for tesla that he died lonely, broke, and forgotten to history
Elacel Eustaquio
Probably Elun musk name it before Tesla is because only few people know who Tesla is.
Anzu love
If it weren't for The Men who Built America series from History Channel, I would've been clueless to how much Tesla did and how much scary shit Edison do.

I always wondered why Tesla was ignored by American history compared to Edison.
Nikola Milinkovic
https://ufl.ae/videow/AON41_-uyL0 - this is Tesla's Funeral , as his desire was thatat his funeral orchestra play one of the most beautiful Serbian patriotic song, called " Tamo daleko" which means " Far away" somehting like that and wording goes "Far away is my home Serbia.." and so on and so on...All people who cannot comprehend what his nationality is you can search this on YT and find your self and stop bragging about it.
Robbieyahu Robbie
Great Vid!! Yes, you are right...Edison is a flat out liar, evil sociopath...Eton Musk is misled and not a scientist !!! TESLA is a role model and he was one of the greatest scientists of this current civilization!!!
Jesus Christ
U to
Rage Against The Machine
Edison was a cunt.
Tyler Roach
I think what he was saying is he admires Edison's business savy because he can relate because Elon is a business man not a scientist
Ken Capilitan
Nikola Tesla have contributed more to our lifestyle today than anybody else. Try not having AC power in the world for a day, everything will stand still.
He was unselfish and cared more about contributing his inventions to society than money.
He is the unsung hero of this world.
W Stangel
Richard Leighton
Westinghouse robbed Tesla.
Richard Leighton
Westhouse brought Tesla's inventions to market. Tesla was happy in the lab.
Rondo Numba9 6hunna
If people can understand we're living in a more deceiving simulation reality...they'll than understand all of that shit are lies. These people didn't create none of this shit. And the few things man did create...tools, toilets, tissue etc just to name somthing...mankind dosent need to survive. In also the gew inventions we're early man inventions that are upgraded today. It starts wiyh the idea of the inventor who gets the credit...not the upgraders . These crestions gets high jacked after each few hundred years to deceive another genaration of people. Its a drawing line where history gets re written to control the next generation. The ines who lived the previous lies will be dead in the new lies will be for the next 1000 years. We only see life from the point we're born ....on forward...there we're alot of lies in things going on before your dumb ass existed. Its the reason they always use a dead figure to claim creations because its easuer to lie to the next generation of people who wasnt there. It was a whole life begore Tesla himself was born. Use your brain. They got you thinking these people are brilliant lmaooo😁😁😁😁. These people are all racist,lying, deceiving, ass historic people. In most of the shit that was creayed by man dont really even get credit. The TRUTH want allow them to control you...but a lie would. Makes sense? Just wake up!!! You'll literally fuckung faint to find out half this shit was created by early black man. But they'll never teach this in school. Its the reason schools are fools if you want to know the honest truth. School is designed to limit the people's learning and understanding of things. Its the reason people dont onow what the truth sound like. Peace. The black brain
Ice Angel
In the interview Elon said he admired Edison because of his marketing skills, not that he admired him as an inventor. An important distinction. As to the part of your video about "look who all opposed Elon in his attempts to privatize space exploration", I once heard someone say, you can know what kind of character a person has by who his enemies are much more than by who his friends are. I think this would be a good example of this. If the establishment types are against Elon...that's a compliment to Elon.
Liam Mc Kenna
Marconi did not invent radio,Tesla did.
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Elon Musk "Living on Mars Elon Musk on Nikola Tesla 4 months ago   13:26

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This interview aired November 24, 2013.

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