SENTINEL'S ORIGIN STORY! *NEW ALL Fortnite Events Season 1 to Season 2 days ago   11:33

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Jack Gourdon was once the great mayor of Tilted Towers but now is as homeless as Bunker Jonesy. John Wick rebuilds Tilted Towers into Neo Tilted Towers. Drift drops by and talks to John about how he, Lynx and the other heroes have been keeping the peace. John Wick gets a call from Vendetta the mayor to have a meeting. John Wick has to talk to Demi to speak with Vendetta. John Wick thanks the mayor for motivating the people, especially after The Fire King destroyed the old Tilted Towers. Vendetta wants John Wick to come up with a new design for a robot cop. Something that will work better than the heroes since they can't be in all places at once. John Wick hits up his geek squad aka Maven the nerd girl. Maven has a crush on Vendetta so is willing to make the Sentinel army. The robot's heads blow up when they try solving math problems. John Wick shows Maven Tender Defender as a design base. Maven and John Wick shows Vendetta the Sentinel.

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Trey Pelletier
So Sentinel was a just a Ordinary Chicken before Burning Alive Before becoming a Robot?
Obligatory British Turtle Turtle
Why does John wick sound like Rick from Rick and Morty?

“I’m getting a call on my...futuristic...holographic...thing that’s invisible. I’m just gonna put me head to the side here”
XxMcBiGnOsTrIls xXmKbIgNoStRiLs
1 like = new heads for the robots
Layla Rivas
lol Mumble
Why does John sound like Rick from Rick and morty
Not a hater or anything but normal tilted is better (just a opinion)
Dan Bramall
The reapers not John wick
Dimmer Switch
Remember, use code NewScapePro in the item shop!
Sonicag Nt
If I was arrested and their head popped off I would have ran
LittleWonder wolf
you kinda copied little lizard
SuperGamerKnight123 45
How are you such a god at replay mode?!? XD
Josh Boucher
Im sentinel a strory about me :D
Addison Chapman
i want lynx to be smarter faster stronger and stealthier like a real cat :(((((((
I slap Your mama oh yeah yeah
Kara Ross
works omg
Fortnite Trends
I thought it was drift and brite bomber
you just tipped her 500 dollars.😂
Salvatore Walker
The only thing you want is views
Pandakio Plays
also they thought chicken because chickens can run around without a head because all the left over adrenaline!
Pandakio Plays
Like if it works out well...
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ALL Fortnite Events Season 1 to Season SENTINEL'S ORIGIN STORY! *NEW 2 days ago   10:05

Here are all the Fortnite Season Events in one video, just in case you missed some of them!

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