China, hero or villain? | A New Climate Why 50 Million Chinese Homes are Empty 1 day ago   12:09

Sky News
In the race to tackle climate change, China has pronounced itself as a global leader.

It is the world’s biggest investor in renewable energy.

But it is also the world’s biggest polluter, and it is struggling to cut its dependence on coal.

Data - exclusively seen by Sky News - shows that nearly half of all postponed or cancelled coal power plant construction is back in action.

Sky's Asia Correspondent Tom Cheshire travelled across China to investigate

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john eckhartjr
Chinese Communist Party and Sky News Pure Evil. I💗 Global Warming
Haidi Xu
Why is SKY news not doing a news about the history of British development? How many people were directly cruelly killed during the British colonization? How many people were plundered and killed indirectly because of colonial rule and colonial war. In fact, Britain rely on earning dirty money, then became developed country.
Haidi Xu
Fake news
I think india need another 30 year just to catch up where china is now. In terms of development. Now its time to stop comparing with pakistan. ..always ckmpare with the best
Leander Barreto
Switch to Nuclear
Steve Y
Western Media uncovers dirty secrets in China, is the narrative. Whilst the west parades itself as environmentally friendly the West ACTUALLY dumps their waste ILLEGALLY in poor vulnerable locations in Asia. It's pure western propaganda. Again, it's the same with issues of generating power, US does fracking and has increased coal powered power plants as part of Trump's focus. But no mention of this? Western propaganda is filthy.
christopher neil
A very negative portrayal given how much farther ahead China is compared to western countries
denunci mesmo
yes hero or villain, yet they in a determined plan and open to the whole population and mainly have the support of the population, they know that no and overnight, they have long-term plans, different from the United States for example.
who has a plan for each mandate, which is always tending to invest more in oil coal and crack oil, may not be heroes today, but they have this goal that can already be measured with their plan.
I really hope that China will be a hero, because of climate villains we are already saturated.
Louix Griego
China will always choose China over the rest of the world. If there where MANY countries banning Chinese products until they clean up their pollution, you'd see a reaction. Until then... They don't give a damn. And they will choose villain. Every time.
China Meets 2020 Carbon Target Three Years Ahead of Schedule!
Jameel Ja
Every country has Self-interest, at least China is making a change with the side effects being better for the environment.
*USA:* democracy, president doesn't believe in climate change
*China:* socialist republic, ruler investing in renewables and shutting down coal plants.
Interesting, no?!
Chris Suka
China must decide? Such biased statement designed to distkrt narrative

China pledged to develop 800 to 1,000 gigawatts of new renewable energy capacity by 2030 — the equivalent of the entire US electricity system. Even if it achieves that, it still won’t be nearly enough to replace coal.

China has 1.3 billion people to our 325 million. It needs lots of power.

So it can’t get rid of coal as fast as the US can. It has to keep some coal around
stephen powell
The fact that nuclear power is never mentioned shows that no one really cares about climate change in an effective way. The wind and solar is literally what they said in this video that it's only to be able to capture the emerging markets of those two services. Nuclear technology is still championed by US and France even they're not building them it's the knowledge that China cannot beat so the cheaper solution that makes more economic sense for them is to invest heavily in wind and solar to stay a strong market leader.
China cannot abandon coal power immediately. But it needs greater percentage of renewable in it’s energy mix in decades to come. What an idiotic finish to the documentary “ China must decide”. It has decided but if it decide for “No coal” immediately, that would result in massive blackout. It is doing the most of all developed countries to end its dependency on coal.
This "news" makes it sound like whatever they (the Chinese) do, it's bad. C'mon Sky News at least make it less obvious.
Henning Luo
Truth: the population of UK and US combined is 1/3 of the Chinese.
Unless the Chinese can emit 3 times more than its current scale, the whole world should be grateful.
Ed Hong
It is complicated.
Why not talk about pollution per capita? China is even less than half of US's.
Americans are people,So are Chinese.
We should be fair.
LOOK AT BRITAIN'S HISTORY (the industrial revolution specifically ) and then talk about the use of coal LMAOOOOOO. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
Jason Junpeng Ren
u should make a video of USA
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Why 50 Million Chinese Homes are Empty China, hero or villain? | A New Climate 1 day ago   12:30

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