Rose Lavelle and Kelley O'Hara "Can I do that?" - with Rose 1 day ago   06:31

Newly crowned Women's World Cup champions Rose Lavelle and Kelley O'Hara talk to CNN's Poppy Harlow about their victory, Nike's ad about them and the fight for equality. #CNN #News

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Nathan Glass
Lavelle is the true impact player on that team
Fuck Meghan Rapinoe’s stupid ass, God bless Kelly O’Hara. I hope Rapinoe loses everything, including her 15 minutes of fame.
Real madrid Los merengues
It was my first time watching Fifa Women's World Cup and Rose lavelle is the Best Midfielder in the world.. Focus, confidence, great passes, eye for a goal Oh man! I wish Real Madrid buy you in their new Womens team... Hala Madrid!
Michael Ackermann
If boys like to be like Rapinoe their soccer career is over
Michael Ackermann
Lavelle was the reason for the US winning
Who got da sex tape yo?
Rick L
CNN's graphic showed the men's 2018 revenue was 42 X greater than the women's 2019 revenue. CNN only wants to fan the flames. What I heard was the men are paid based on 9% of revenue and the women are paid at 13%. Therefore it looks like the men are the ones being underpaid. Draw the crowds, sell the sponsorships and your pay will go up.
Az Dove
I'll be so disappointed if Rose Lavelle doesn't want to go to the White House because it's the best way for all Americans to celebrate this victory. Regardless of who is President the White House belongs to America and it's America that just won the World Cup. Come on Rose Lavelle being humble is one of your best qualities go to the White House for all your American fans
Perry Crozier
It's soccer. Big deal.
S.A.M. Laksanasorn
Lionel Lavelle, Rose Messi
Peter Parker
Boy they couldnt leave out the white house question, actually was waiting for and their ways of getting answers..
No one should want to be like Rapinoe. She is the biggest disgrace to our country in women's sports. Although the US women won the world cup. They made America great again and didn't even know it!
Gordon G
Repulsive Rapinoe!!
Javs Alvarez
Its all scripted on the shit they say.
Sheri Smith
Kelly plays with such "Passion" and Rose, a name fitting "Indeed."
There is another reason, Women's World Cup is not getting the viewers numbers as men's world cup, u have 3 other tournaments going at the same time, Gold Cup, Copa Cup n Africa Cup n they had just finished up the Asian Cup. So it's not the only national tournaments around the World. Although, they could just give out bigger prize money for bringing glory to the nation. Us men, they may be bring shame lately.. US women bring glory n prestige to USA, so how much is that worth?? Football countries do respect nations that can play n it may effect economics.
Royce Lerwick
They get a 13% of gate ticket and the men get 9% of gate. They just don't draw.
jay Roberge
Thanx,,,,,, Savy Sav
Chacho Adame
It’s not fair to comprare woman’s soccer to men’s soccer the boys face stronger competition in the world but girls in the U.S are amazing but don’t compare please.
Mondo Romos
Lol interesting that Megan and these girls conflicting stories. I can almost bet Megan is bullying some women into not going to WH.
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"Can I do that?" - with Rose Rose Lavelle and Kelley O'Hara 1 day ago   03:31


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