Rebuilding An Abandoned Chevy Camaro Rebuilding Gas Monkey Garage Wrecked 2 days ago   1:03:02

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In today's very special episode, Jared and I attempt to restore a SCCA World Challenge-winning Chevrolet Camaro Z28 1LE race car that was abandoned in a parking lot for years. This is gonna be FUN.

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Lou Gigliotti
we built 2 cars, #70 and #90 I won the SCCA world Challenge championship in 91 and 92 in these camaro race cars. We also finished 1-2 in the 24 hour of Mosport in Canada in the SCCA world Challenge series.

these cars both have 100% of our innovations that we designed for the Camaro Market with LG Motorsports.
Oussama Shanouha
nice epoxy flooring :)
Thomas Gillot
I want to purchase a car for track days and this looks perfect. My Italian great grandparent’s last name was Gigliotti as well. 😃
Wow really loved your video, think I even saw that car on the track.... Really enjoyed it.
sean mck
Thats the nicest car in your shop right there. I have a 1le iroc z ive owned since 2002. Absolutely love it.
Walker D
That ain’t no 305 lmao 😂
the plastics need a bit of boiled linseed oil! the car looks perfect tho!

"there is no footage to prove, that Jared drove it hard on the 2nd day"
Sayre Rowan
That should be a 350, not a 305.
383 stroker Guy
Why was he holding the dipstick upside down😲😲😲
the VATS system is easy to bypass (the chip in your key)
Jason Scott
Wow, 1LE cars are rare , a driving survivor more rare! Not just a crap 3rd gen , these go for $20000+. You gave it away.
You guys freaking rock..... great video !!!! 🤘😎🤘
jeremie manninen
sell that car to Cleetus lol
Tim Trask
The dedication at the end. 👌🏼
Jarad Blake
What we getting this week Tavarish🤔😜
Anthony Kelley
Awesome car! Thanks for the video!!
Justin P
Measure the resistance of the key and order one off of Amazon. I had to do this with my Cadillac before I could sell it. Just have it cut and you're good to go.
Justin Summers
Replaced the dryrotten race tires before doing a drift or burnout??? I am disappoint.
Cummins MAN
Did you say Florida was close to Mexico or Florida is close to Mexicans???
Super Pedals
Love ♥️
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Rebuilding Gas Monkey Garage Wrecked Rebuilding An Abandoned Chevy Camaro 2 days ago   21:48

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