Season 8 Episode 1 Explained ! | Game The Hidden Meaning Behind The Crypts 1 day ago   15:10

Fire And Blood
Season 8 Episode 1 Explained ! | Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1


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Game Of Thrones FireAndBlood Family Friendly Season 8 Episode 1

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Douglas Sinclair
I appreciate the recap, but your accent is so thick i didnt understand most of it. Sorry.
Sirro Minus
This Ain't secureteam10
I wanted to hear some cool theories, not a loose retelling of the episode with obvious comments.
J. Alejandro Martinez
I need to say this: you have most of the best theories about the show in the YouTube community and you've grown a fandom over here (me included) but sometimes the rhythm of your voice over is distracting (maybe I'm speaking for myself). I believe you can improve that, your videos are incredible! 👋
Lalhruaichhungi Laufa
Your voice is really annoying
Loke Johansson
Is it only me that doesnt hear what the fk hes saying
You talk through you nose. I can't lesson too you.
angua fanai
I can tell the narrator is not from kings landing
Joey D
Geeez you threw learning complete English out the windoooe didn’t ya? Your broken English isn’t tooo bad but... I have to repeat a couple times to understand. Anyways cool video
Joey D
Every single game of thrones game or app for a kind of game, sucks ass. I’m tired of seeing them. Yes game of thrones has tooken some of my life but I’m not a complete and utter dingleberry to want to play with fake cringey ass dragons on my phone or dragon eggs and “make my dragon the best one on the phone universe” like suck my balls
Section 26
So many commercials!
u sound like bruno
Stefan Nicolaescu
Am I the only one to think that Bran should have known where the dead army was and not let the Umbar kind go back at his castle to die? The movie keeps having these mistakes that JRR Martin would never do .....
Marq Player
The dead kid scared the shit out of me
Why is secureteam10 opening song also your song obviously you have stolen tyler opening intro song that's copywriting bro he been around a lot longer than you man.. good video tho
John Kaitlyn
Secure Team?
Abel A
Stopped watching.. can’t understand you
Erik Hunt
This thot started telling future episode spoilers in the middle of a se 8 ep 1 review
melissa meeker
I think Ghost and Nymeria for that matter will be like Drogon was. He came when Dany really needed him. I think both wolves as the fight starts.
its more spoiler and summary of the episode than explanation
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The Hidden Meaning Behind The Crypts Season 8 Episode 1 Explained ! | Game 1 day ago   24:00

Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 Crypts of Winterfell Teaser Trailer Breakdown video. I recently made a video about the Crypts of Winterfell Teaser for the final season of Game of Thrones, but today I want to dive a little deeper into the hidden meaning behind that trailer. What is the Night King's connection to House Stark, and their Crypts beneath Winterfell? What is the Night King's true identity? What secrets are hiding in the Crypts of Winterfell? What does the Night King want? What happened to the Night's King and Night's Queen's bodies? Who are the original Kings of Winter? Why do the Starks put iron longswords across the laps of each statue? These are some of the questions I want to discuss today. Let me know your thoughts and opinions. Thanks for watching the video!

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