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It was French writer Gustave Flaubert who said there is no truth, only perception. According to the Institute of World Policy in Kyiv, Europeans have a rather negative image of Ukraine.

In a recently released report war, Russia and poverty appear to be the three key words that average citizens of Europe's most populous countries associate with the country.

The Orange revolution appears to be better known by the respondents than the Maidan protests which spun Ukraine towards Brussels, but Euro…
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Ukrainian economy will hit the and only economical and growth is await for 🇺🇦 we did a lot of to reach the success inter allia we fully ruined engrained corruption, inflaxed a great deal of money in small businesses, built the most unshakable economy in the 🗺
Count Rufus
Ukraine is stupid of it wants to join the bankrupt EU. And be dominated by Brussel.
East Ukraninas are Russians and they speak Russian. They will vote to separate from Ukraine and will join Russia.
Uh I think why Russia springs to mind when people talk about Ukraine is not just because of Russia's aggression on the country, but also because the two countries have a shared history, common culture, traditions, religion - the languages are both East Slavic and they are both written in the Cyrillic script..
David Nolton
Fascism, genocide, propaganda. That are 3 words about russia
War criminals like Bandera, nazism, prostitution.
Alexander Bogdanov
The only thing Ukrainians can do is beg for money. Ukraine is going to be a millstone around Europe's neck. And a good deal of the money given to Ukraine will certainly be stolen because Maidan in fact did not remove corruption in Ukraine. Maidan only replaced previous corrruptionists with new ones.
Alex Silver
Fascism, genocide, propaganda. That's my 3 words about Ukraine.
Ukraine's history as a part of European history... OK, for how long Ukraine has been a country?
Edgar Vibar
An EU-wide re-education is in order, to brainwash Europeans into liking Ukraine and hating Russia.
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Poverty in wealthy Russia - From War, Russia, Poverty: Europeans 2 days ago   45:45

Russia is a nation going through a big change. Oil prices have provided for an unprecedented wealth and the rapid economic growth associated with it. But there are still large parts of Russia that do not look like it at all. Wealth for everyone?
Original title: Bergen van geweld
What's left of communism? How big are the differences between the poor and the rich? What is the influence of corruption? Is Russia a "young democracy" (as former Dutch prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende previously said)?Is it a "sovereign democracy" (according to Putin) or a "fascist regime" (as read in The Economist)? Jelle Brandt Corstius is looking for the topics that rule the life of ordinary Russians in Russia.

Presented by: Jelle Brandt Corstius
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