Ukraine War 2015 - February Clashes FIrefight, IED strike, Afghanistan. 2 days ago   52:17

• 12 февраля было заключено соглашение о прекращении огня и принципах мирного урегулирования украинского конфликта. После этого интенсивность боевых действий стала снижаться, стороны приступили к отводу тяжелого вооружения от линии разграничения. Это видео — подборка сражений, которые происходили в феврале 2015 года, увиденных украинскими войсками и ополчением Новороссии.

• February 12th an agreement on a ceasefire and the principles of peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian conflict was signed. After that, the intensity of the fighting began to decline, the enemies began to redeploy heavy weapons from the demarcation line. This compilation takes a look back at scenes of the conflict that appeared in February 2015 and sums up the fighting and battles that took place during that time from the viewpoints of the Ukrainian troops and the Novorossiya rebels.

00:10-05:09 Novorossian rebels during Battle of Debaltseve. Fight for Chornukhyne. February 7, 2015
05:09-05:49 Sniper convoy crossfire - RT reporters in E. Ukraine
05:49-08:12 Novorossian rebels fighting in the industrial area of Debaltseve
08:12-08:43 Ukrainian troops are shelling Lugansk
08:43-10:59 Novorossian rebels during firefights in Debaltseve
10:59-11:20 Ukrainian tanks under Debaltseve
11:20-13:01 Novorossian 1st Artillery Brigade "Kalmius"
13:01-13:36 Artillery work of Novorossian rebels
13:36-14:29 Novorossian rebels firing KPVT under Debaltseve
14:29-15:18 Novorossian rebels launching massive Grad strike on ukrainian troops.
15:18-16:47 Novorossian rebels of brigade "Oplot" fire a self-propelled artillery near Debaltsevo
16:47-18:01 Heavy clashes and firefights in Chornukhyne, east of Debaltseve. February 16, 2015
18:01-19:41 Firefight between Ukrainian and LNR forces In Sahzharovka, 6KM from Debaltseve
19:41-21:10 Novorossian tanks going into battle, LNR forces exchanging mortar fire with Ukrainian army
21:10-25:45 Fight between Novorossian and Ukrainian troops in the village Gorodische. February 15, 2015
25:45-31:21 Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron of Ukrainian regiment "Azov" in Shirokino
31:21-31:58 Novorossian rebels near mine Trudovskaya shell positions of Ukrainian forces
31:58-33:01 Novorossian forces between Gorlovka and Debaltseve
33:01-33:54 Firefight between Novorossian Rebels and Ukrainian Army in Debaltseve
33:54-34:44 Mortar work of Novorossian Cossack detachment
34:44-35:11 Novorossian response to the shelling of Stakhanov
35:11-44:45 Close Quarters Combat under Chornukhyne
44:45-48:16 Novorossian rebels during battle for Uglegorsk
48:16-48:37 Novorossian GRAD firing
48:37-48:56 Mortar work of Ukrainian troops
48:56-49:37 Novorossian MT-LB shoots at Ukrainian positions
49:37-52:02 Debaltseve with a bird's-eye view

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избалован . жизнью
России с вами!!
Амбарный Замок
Да, звук двигателя у Т-64 необычный.
Timothy Cai
thanks for uploading, we should always view something from both sides.
mike smith
These "rebels" can fight unlike Isis scum.
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FIrefight, IED strike, Afghanistan. Ukraine War 2015 - February Clashes 2 days ago   29:02

4 year anniversary for the battle of Antenna Hill coming up on 26MAY. Found some footage of my truck getting hit by an IED on the way to support some of our snipers who had been pinned down. After we conducted vehicle recovery and evaced my wounded soldiers, we replaced the wounded personnel with new guys from a sister platoon and were then told to conduct BDA on top of Antenna Hill following airstrikes.

What happened after is the original Antenna Hill story.

Unit: Demon Co. 2-5IN 3/1AD.
Location: Afghanistan, Wardak Province, Jaghato District.
Date: 26MAY2012

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