Effective Cloud Backup Using How to Set up GoodSync 10 months ago   09:23

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Cloud-based backup offers a convenient, low cost-cost approach to securing your data offsite. ChronoSync supports several different cloud services allowing you to construct an offsite backup task just like you would for a local backup. While cloud storage services such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud or Backblaze B2 excel at storing large amounts of data, uploading your data to the cloud is often a very time consuming process.

This tutorial will show how you can overcome this obstacle and create a high performance backup task that will maintain your data safely in the cloud.

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Lazaro Alvarez
Will chronosync ever support iCloud or google drive?
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How to Set up GoodSync Effective Cloud Backup Using 10 months ago   07:10

How To Set up GoodSync

File back up and synchronization has never been easier nor cheaper to do. I highly recommend this product. Check it out.

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