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Al-Bab, a town in Syria's northeast less than 50 kilometres south of Turkey, was freed from ISIL control two years ago, and life is almost normal here again.

But the city is growing very fast, its numbers swollen by internally displaced persons seeking shelter.

They want to go home, but will that be made easier or more difficult by the planned Turkish ground assault against Kurdish YPG fighters in northern Syria?

Ankara sees the Kurdish militia along its border as a security threat.

Al Jazeera’s Sinem Koseoglu reports from al-Bab, Syria.

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Ndl soild
i hate niqab , hijab os enough . follow the sunna . niqab is an innovation 😁😁
Alperen Vatankorur
As is crystal-clear in our glorious history, once again, the Turks have come to the area in order (1) to help the local population who are our relatives and who suffered much, (2) to reconstruct the destroyed homes, schools, hospitals and (3) to rehabilitate those innocent victims of the Syrian war triggered by American, European and Zionist powers, who also invented ISIL-ISIS-DAESH heresy to exterminate Islam from within.
When God strikes ,this is what you see.
The Kurdish PKK & YPG will form an alliance with the Alawite Shabiha & Shia Hashd Al Shaabi to invade Idlib SOON.
These lovely women better spread their legs open to welcome their new masters entry.😂 Ameen.
Rein Raus
Epsilon Jay ɛɈ
Did they mention who liberated it before the TFSA?
Andre M.
LOL a qatari government news outlet making a biased video in support of their ottoman friends.
You say a turkish offensive will help the dreamers go back to their homes?
but those refugees were displaced from assad territory not kurd?
Mr Perfect
Bashar Terrorist Al Dog bin Shaitan Al Assad
Ara J
keep pimping for your father turkey
49er fan Austrian Niner
Its part of Syria, how would turkey feel if syria was controlling a town in its border. FSA are traitors.
Samul Lio
look what Iran interference done in Syria . death to Iran
White Guilt
The Syrian Arab Army will meet you soon al bab
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Why Russia Is So Involved With The Syrian 🇸🇾 Syria's war: Life 2 days ago   03:11

Russia has played a major role in the Syrian Civil War and has garnered controversy over its airstrikes along with Syrian government forces against terrorist organizations and other rebel groups. Andrew Parailiti, RAND director of the Center for Global Risk and Security, explains why Russia decided to intervene in the war, which includes its willingness to aid an ally, and challenge the US' role in the world. Following is a transcript of the video.  

Andrew Parasiliti: Russia takes a broader view of what it considers to be terrorist groups than the United States does.

Why Russia is so involved with the Syrian Civil War.

Parasiliti: I tend to find that Russia's interests in Syria are pretty clear and they are as follows: One, they're supporting an ally. Bashar al-Assad's government is under attack. First by popular uprisings, and then by terrorist groups, and other armed groups backed by countries in the region. And they're not gonna let him fall. The Russians are concerned that if Assad fell, that you would either have a group in power that included jihadists who would be inimical to US and Russian, and other interests, actually. Or you would have a continually destabilized state that allowed these terrorist groups to continue.

Two, there's a counter-terrorism piece. This is what the Russians tell the Americans when we talk about Syria with them. They say Moscow shares Washington's interests in combating terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda. That's true to a certain extent. Although, Russia takes a broader view of what it considers to be terrorist groups than the United States does. It is more inclined towards Assad's definition, which is any armed group which opposes him, rather than the strict UN definition which would be Islamic State, Al-Qaeda. But it is correct to say that Russia also supports counter-terrorism activity.

Third, is challenging the US role. In a kind of lesson learned from the previous era, Russia went along with the UN resolution which allowed what was then called the Right to Protect Use of Force in Libya during the Obama administration. And that ended up leading to the downfall of Gaddafi, and we saw what happened there. Russia is not ever going to let that happen again. They're going to try to prevent, actually, any US or other military intervention that could destabilize a friendly state.

It's kind of a demonstration effect to the rest of the Middle East. Russia stands by its allies in the region. People take note of that. When Assad was on the ropes, Russia stepped up with a substantial military power to keep him in power. The Iranians too, but it was the Russian initiative and Russian airpower which has been instrumental in Assad's ability to hang on.


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