Ukraine War Ukrainian Paramilitary In Heavy Shell-Shocked: Ukraine's Trauma 2 days ago   05:32

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Ukraine - Ukrainian Paramilitary In Heavy Intense Clashes And Firefights In Mariupol. Heavy Clashes Fighting And Firefights Taking Place At Mariupol Ukraine. The Fighting Goes On Between Pro Ukrainian Paramilitary Forces From The So Called Azov Batallion And Pro Russian Rebels. In The Last Days Mariupol Has Become An Intense Fierce Battlefield With Heavy Clashes.

Interior Minister Arseny Avakov said the security forces were successfully bringing separatist strongholds in the city "under control".

Five pro-Russian rebels were reported killed and at least four government soldiers injured in the city.

Rebels elsewhere in the region have confirmed they now have three tanks.

The appearance of the tanks, filmed in various towns in the Donetsk region, sparked a row between Kiev and Moscow, with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko protesting to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

Russia denied Ukrainian allegations that the tanks had entered Ukraine from its territory.

Confirming that four soldiers were injured, Ukraine's National Guard said on its website that its recently formed Dnepr and Azov "volunteer" units were being used in the operation.

A rebel source told Russia's Interfax news agency that five fighters had been killed and that fighting was still under way.

The pro-Russian separatists in the Donetsk and neighbouring Luhansk regions declared independence after holding referendums last month which were deemed illegal by the government in Kiev. Ukraine and the West accuse Russia of supporting and arming the rebels - a claim denied by Moscow.

The rebellion began after February's ousting of the elected President, Viktor Yanukovych, whose last-minute decision not to sign a landmark treaty with the EU in November sparked mass street protests in Kiev.

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This is very old film. Azov battalion
Warning Attention
Pochinki in blue zone
Elena Flores
Soviet defeated nazi russia will defeat urkrain to
Anthony Servantez
Keep fighting my Ukrainian brothers. Give them hell.
Bobby Kobito
THis Video is from 2015 or so... It is NOT NEW!
mangesh Bhumkar
It's old video
Patryk nie pamietam
good Ukrainian is a dead Ukrainian :)
Slava Fuckrajine 😂
👍 Ukraine
Remi JB
Is this war still gowing on?
Black Diamond mercenaries will assist you against your enemies, best of luck Ukraine 👍
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Shell-Shocked: Ukraine's Trauma Ukraine War Ukrainian Paramilitary In Heavy 2 days ago   20:01

It’s been two years since pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine broke away from the rest of the country, triggering a war that has killed more than 9,000 people, displaced a million civilians, and left entire towns and villages in ruins.

Ukraine’s government was wholly unprepared for the conflict, and its armed forces had been hollowed out by years of mismanagement even before the fighting began. As a result, Kiev has relied on tens of thousands of inexperienced volunteers to fight the brutal civil war. The country’s healthcare system had little experience dealing with the range of physical and psychological injuries sustained by soldiers and civilians. Once demobilized, soldiers are eligible for a number of benefits, but only if they can obtain their official veteran status. With the process slow and bureaucratic, many have been left struggling to deal with the traumatic aftermath of the conflict.

With no clear end in sight to the fighting, VICE News traveled to the country to investigate the war’s impact on soldiers and civilians, and to see how volunteer groups are stepping up to help.

Note: VICE News wanted to also see how the trauma of the war was being handled by the separatist authorities of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, but we were denied access.

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