'SNL' roasts R. Kelly, Gayle Introducing the R. Kelly Challenge | The Daily 1 day ago   00:57

It didn't take long for things to heat up on this weekend's episode of "Saturday Night Live." Kenan Thompson and Leslie Jones kicked off the opening sketch by spoofing Gayle King's explosive interview with R. Kelly.

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BeeBee's Funtastic Adventures
really nice.
Rkelly memes on my channel! (Very funny )
Natalie her
Illuminati puppet SNL they'll take anything and run with it cause Hilary was gonna win right. Kelly is guilty but dam everyday new news popping up BILL COSBY RIGHT
Zagula Biggs
Low effort attempt by USATODAY to get views and ad money
Dead Pool
Eating Oreos...
Chartina Askew
Unfortunately this type of aggressive behavior to a emotional situational based question is normal in some cultures, I would have felt very threatened if I was the interviewer. Imagine if you were a LEO? You'd have tased this man or worse if you had to get him to be compliant...
Mikeeon Blu
Lol 😂
Timothy Ballard
Lmao! Pop Kultur R Kelly & Aaliyah T-Shirt (Protect The Angels Agency) https://www.popkulturclothing.com/online-store
Did you know there was a behind the scenes interview? R Kelly speaks on mumble rap. https://ufl.ae/videow/LlRYxoYKR2U
MIa Johnson
And so many other clues lmao
Chance St.Thomas
0:30-0:38 lol
Lala Gomes
Why 50 dressed like that 😂
Lala Gomes
Why 50 dressed like that 😂
sunday mollel
This is not funny its stupid show I have ever watch no creativity there you can't use some one hard times as comedy wake up stupid black family
Etta James
where's the full sketch?
Danyaahl's Vision
Still missing weinstein and Vatican gang. Not expecting that to be quick on TV maybe someone can make their own parody since it seems whiteouts afraid to touch that. 😒 Stay tuned
G Lazarus
That was terrible. He needs to show more emotion.
Broken King
This is.....
Whats the word? Starts with a Q....

Grady Battista
hey guys pro tip just go watch the video, its on youtube. Not these freeloaders.
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Introducing the R. Kelly Challenge | The Daily 'SNL' roasts R. Kelly, Gayle 1 day ago   05:35

As allegations against R. Kelly increase, so do his music streams. Roy Wood Jr. has a “Bird Box”-inspired solution.

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