Assisted dying: 'I just wish Death with Dignity | Grace 2 days ago   05:18

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Geoff Whaley had motor neurone disease and decided to end his life rather than experience the final stages of the illness.

Assisted suicide is illegal in the UK, so he and his wife Ann travelled to a clinic in Switzerland.

They had been campaigning to try to get the UK to change its law, and met peers and MPs to explain their views.

The couple spoke to BBC Home Editor Mark Easton during Geoff's final days.

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Caroline SCHOLES
Brave brave couple.x
Just shoot yourself
Bar Pal
God bless this beautiful family. RIP Geoff
bernard joyce
What is the point of being stretched on the rack of life Drugged up and plugged in when you have had enough and want a peaceful dignified death.?
Is it to satisfy the religious or the drug companies?. Certainly not to the benefit of the patient. Glad to see Spain taking an interest in peaceful death to match up with other countries.
So very sad 😢
This is so difficult and touching to even watch. Cant imagine what the couple must been going through. RIP to the brave man.
Charlotte Freya
This is so sad rest in peace 💔💔
Melano Senserio
What the fuck, and him saying to help them is as satanic as satan himself
how would they feel when they meet god?
that's terrifying
New Goliard
I don't need permission from the government to end my own life.
Christian Fuller
R.I.P Geoff
Shaima El Mabsouta

She said, “I wish the LORD would allow me to have him for a little longer”.
Daniel Strain
The title of this video is mistaken. I'm pretty sure she said, "I just wish the LORD [not law] would let me have him for a little longer". That is a particularly bad mistake because it makes it sound like the law is saying he has to die but doesn't want to - which is the opposite of what's happening.
Norman Sween
US needs to have this, its BS that I may have to suffer at the end because some Bible thumper forces their beliefs on me pertaining to suicide regardless of situation. My grandmother asked to end her misery, the only thing the nurse could suggest was to starv herself which was even worse way to go!
Anh Le
Samantha W
No surprises Switzerland turns a blind eye to people being killed....history repeating itself.
If you get the chance to see the documentary “How to die in Oregon” you won’t be disappointed. Don’t confuse it with same titled stuff on YouTube.
The arguments are interesting, but just about everyone is capable of killing themselves. Doctors are not needed. If one cannot move, he or she can simply refuse food and drink as most all creatures do when they are near done. Personally, I think we should have access to good end of life poisons, no doctors needed.
So we don't regulate who's bringing life into the world. But we stop people dying with dignity in their own country. This country is a joke
Skip Regan
I wish the LORD...
Michael Devaney
Brave man...brave wife!
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Death with Dignity | Grace Assisted dying: 'I just wish 2 days ago   20:26

Critically ill individuals who are suffering unbearably from an incurable medical condition should have the right to choose a peaceful and dignified death.

Grace Pastine is a lawyer and the Litigation Director for the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to defending civil liberties and human rights.

Email: [email protected]

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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