Assisted dying: 'I just wish Meet Joel, taking it one day at a time 1 day ago   05:18

BBC News
Geoff Whaley had motor neurone disease and decided to end his life rather than experience the final stages of the illness.

Assisted suicide is illegal in the UK, so he and his wife Ann travelled to a clinic in Switzerland.

They had been campaigning to try to get the UK to change its law, and met peers and MPs to explain their views.

The couple spoke to BBC Home Editor Mark Easton during Geoff's final days.

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wendy guardamano
Mary Smith
When you are faced with total reliance on others to get through each moment and every day and/or in constant pain, you should have the choice to go peacefully. No one can feel another person’s physical and mental suffering and we shouldn’t judge unless we have walked in their shoes. I live in severe and chronic pain from a collagen disorder, and no one knows the toll it takes on your brain and body unless you’ve experienced it firsthand.
Jude Dimatteo
Awe such an awesome couple and they loved each other so that had to be the worst decision ever but she loved him so to let him go peace
Lisa Martinez
So what you were given time together . Suicide is a lie from the devil !
Lisa Martinez
Why focus on the illness/ disease .Should have embraced the time he had left with his loved ones .
Dario Simone
The right to die is not in our hands ... , the same as the right of an unborn baby, ... abortion is not right ...
Suicide , is killing of self. .. assist dying is murder another one,,
Dario Simone
Suicide ,, Or assistant dying. . Is the same thing. It’s killing yourselves. ... it’s murder.
kelly Sweetie
So many people judge assisted suicide without complete understanding of suffering. Nobody wants to die, but nobody wants to live in pain and misery either. This poor man had lost all motor function. He cant even wipe his own butt, how humiliating that had to be for him. He sounds very educated and he really looked deeply into this. Im so happy his suffering is over and bless his lovely wife.
Juliana Arces
No Brasil a eutanásia não é legalizada. Se eu sofresse de uma doença incurável ou se acontecesse um acidente e eu ficasse vegetando para sempre, gostaria de poder escolher a eutanásia.
stephanie vigil
I DON'T agree with this at all
Easy Spanish With Luz
When a person is suffering with pain and making others around suffer as well, having the option to end life with dignity is such a wonderful relief...!!! We all have that right. If the terminally ill person has signed consent in front of credible witnesses and even makes a video stating final wishes, there's no reason for imposing legal sanctions on anyone assisting in the execution of the person's final wishes. I understand that for some there is a moral issue to debate here, but why not let the person choosing to die deal with that. It is their body, their life and their right. We are all going to die anyways. I don't see a moral issue when all a person wants to stop suffering and pain.
Harry Inkpot
The baby boomers are sadly encouraged to do so called Nobel thing they beginning feel burden on family on other hand if person got incurable disease making life hell they want it over then prescribe month load of strong pain relief it down to them.If unable get point across then in front of solicitor doctor etc write it down it can be used when time comes but person must be sound of mind even if unable to communicate .Personly some archaic laws I would help them and do myself.i don't need one way ticket to Switzerland nobody should unless want holiday first
Robert F. Davis
What about people who are suffering with mental illness? Why do they only allow this for people who are physically suffering?
Huma Gilani
Sad ☹️
Ch.Bonnie Baker
Gail Phillip-Brown
That is not diginity it's foolishness the devil want people to die In a Christless grave and not give their lives to , Jesus and live eternally when he comes back
Wasim Shan
You only have a short time on this earth why end it early ?
Keeley Orange
Agree with people having a choice on assisted suicide. How come we kill animals with illnesses that won’t get better even tho they can’t even tell you if it’s what they want yet humans who can tell you they want to die aren’t allowed? Yet we put humans before animals like if a dog attacks a human it’s put down but human kill a dog there’s next to no punishment. Actually waiting for someone to die can be worse than them dying and it must be worse for them too. I lost my nan 6 years back due to terminal cancer I didn’t know she was dying tho she and my mum did. The final 5 month of her life was hell for her and us. She went from being a healthy independent and caring woman to the complete opposite she couldn’t get up had no strength in her body had physio but made no effort so was pointless, would hardly eat or drink, didn’t seem to care about anyone. Basically her life was wait for 2 carers to get her up in morning she had to be put on a hoist to move her from bed to a chair, the carers did her breakfast so my mum would pester her to eat it. 2 carers back at dinner to see if she wanted any dinner which she never wanted they would put her to bed for few hours as all she wanted to do was sleep. 2 carers back at tea time got her up and sat her in chair again offered food then 2 carers at night to put her to bed. Now this was only for just under a month before she died but not to sound horrible but when she died both me and my mum were relieved. We both loved her but we knew she wasn’t happy how she was and she had no life towards the end. There was constant arguments with my mum over her eating. My mum felt the need to keep on at her to eat, I didn’t see point as I knew it would just prolong the suffering. The night she died my mum went to the hospital with her and knew it was the end so was just sat waiting for her to die which must have been awful. It was a matter of hours. My mum told me that someone else had been in hospital 3 days before dying and had been in same state my nan was. Now it’s examples like that where assisted suicide should be allowed. Of course the person dying should be the one to make the decision and say when they want to die like if they become unable to do anything or whatever and obviously only if someone was willing to help. Obviously it would need careful planning to make sure no one was forced to choose to die but there are some things worse than death.
A very brave family indeed - UK need to move on to let this allowed, of course under supervision with medics
Steven Hindmarsh
Wow this just made me think how lucky I am. What a fantstic man 😢
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Meet Joel, taking it one day at a time Assisted dying: 'I just wish 1 day ago   12:48

Joel was diagnosed with an Atypical Teratoid/ Rhamboid Tumor (AT/RT) in January of 2010. He had a surgery to remove the tumor and was undergoing 54 weeks of treatment including chemotherapy and radiation. In October of 2010, he had a tumor recurrence.

Joel passed away on Thursday, March 13th, 2014. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. For contact information, and more on Joel's story visit:

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