Clean Comedy Free Healthcare for WHO?? 2 days ago   06:29

Mark Dice
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Mark Dice
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Boo Boo
More likes than CNN gets, ever
david S
Jerry Seinfeld is a deuch bag, Chris Rock is another dedicated deuchbag... All of Hollywood is liberal, anti-american trash.. No real God loving American person cares about these trash bags anyway... All of this far left, open boarder, anti-american, Hollywood scum, kneeling for the American flag, OK with child molesting /trafficking demicrat trash party will wonder why they lost the 2020 election... It's because there is an overwhelming majority of true American people who will never take the stance of giving up what thousands of soldiers who have lost their lives to protect... That's being American, and living the American dream... LEGALLY
Ryan iverson
Someone should play some Richard Pryor stand up for these pussy SJW's.
Self Discipline
They pray every night for Trump's re-election so that their bank accounts stay woke.
I am law abiding and moral self loving American and black man of high character. I love all good people. I Iove black people but I hate Ni$$az just like Rock said years ago.
Ned Kelly
Dumb and Dumber
Chuck Hitter
Are they a couple? Wonder if they will have kids
Why did the actress who portrayed Pat on SNL apologize?
I mean it's absurd that these crazy people demand an apology for this kind of thing anyways but she didn't even write the bit.
Duey Ledbetter
Firebrand VOCALS
I’m White and I find jokes about white folk funny as fook😎👊 😬😬😬😬😬
Cartoon Sketcher
check out some funny cartoons on my channel, that the left (and the establishment) will get triggered by. Channel just starting. A couple of vids so far. More funny satire sketch cartoons on the way...... Check it and see.....
I wish George Carlin was alive so he can show these late night assholes how to do comedy
Robert Peck
Mini AOC is fuckin hilarious
Dino Con
You know, there are plenty of good comics who do "clean comedy" like Brian Regan and Kevin James (Sweat the Small Stuff is still one of my all-time favorite stand up specials).

But this is more than just clean. This is sanitized and lobotomized.
Pat 034
I'm offended I have to go to work everyday and surround myself with retards and commies but I do it anyway.
dragonball slayer326
I miss johnny Carson already these people should not be considered comedians but moronic SJWs instead
dragonball slayer326
I love waking up to the sound of liberals tears in the morning
n r
the american flag will be offensive soon.
R Court
Dick smokers
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Free Healthcare for WHO?? Clean Comedy 2 days ago   11:38

Guess who Dems now want to give free healthcare to


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