Can This New Technology Make Batteries Mass production of graphene, MIT develops 2 days ago   10:28

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Today we’re going to look into Ultracapacitors and the revolutionary Graphene, and how they are going to shape the future of energy and transportation.


Check out this amazing episode of Fully Charged, on Ultracapacitors from Skeleton Technologies

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1. Tesla:
2. University of Pennslyvania - Graphene Production:
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Two Bit da Vinci
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I wonder if graphene capacitors work as well in cold temperature ... Cold temperatures affect batteries very much .
S Wms
Yup. And producing electricity with fusion has been only 20 years away for the past 50 or 60 years
9:00 why send the regen breaking energy back to the battery? jut keep it in the supercap till you accelerate again. the battery keeps the supercaps topped up not the other way round.
Don Kingery
In the advertisement, the chick says she will be honest, which means she's most usually a big fat liar. Just sayin'. That's why people say that. Of course, that makes me wonder what else is not honest...
zefir Poprostu
bad explanation with the car. the amount of power needed to move 2times faster is 2times^2
Björn Snellman
I live in Finland... Still waiting for tech to make solar cheap enough... Then I wanna add tons of panels on my roof, store excess in batteries & sell the rest to the energy grid.
Please stop talking about storing hydrogen it must be made as used storing highly flammables is not the way to go for obvious reasons.
Dan SW
Just make my phone charge in 30 seconds and last the whole day
David Coro
More on graphene. Thank you for the info so far.
You want 100% energy independence ? Zero-carbon footprint system will work like this in the future: PV-cell on the roof > electrolyse water generating H2 > store H2 in safe form (powder, inventer: Gerard Lugtigheid) > use needed H2 powder for warm water & eletricity (along the whole wintertime!). Done.
Gart Lonm
Do you think we could make an electric motors with graphene?
Dominic Fastbender
Great content. Please consider using another funding mechanism. I am more than happy to pay for worthwhile content but not be ideological about it. I kicked my patreon habit completely.
Steve Forbin
Will this change your source of energy to run your home and your car and lower your bill from the electric company maybe no bill or you might get a check from them. If every home had that capability then any natural or even a war would be much less likely and the lights would stay on even if a disaster happened. Not sure of the impact on life and or manufacturing in the long term maybe you can enlighten the viewers. If you want to think far out you might think of a food Synthesizer just put in the right food cartridges and push the button
William Mason
Wake me when it actually happens. Over the years I have heard about so many things that will be life changing and then never hear about it again.
John F.
Perhaps it's video format? I watched a few vids on Roku and got audio and a green screen... My YouTube experience was fine otherwise.
John F.
Do you know that your videos don't work when viewed on YouTube (ROKU) 🤔
Just discovered your channel. Keep up the good work!
Kevin González
They not going to put batteries obsolete. They are going to use it in the future.
You can use saran wrap (plastic cling wrap) as a spacer for the aluminum foil.
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Mass production of graphene, MIT develops Can This New Technology Make Batteries 2 days ago   04:59

Researchers at MIT have developed a method to produce high quality graphene at a commercial scale. Their graphene production technique which employs CVD or chemical vapor deposition can produce unlimited rolls of graphene. Their graphene production process is still basically a stadard CVD reactor but stretched out and fed with a conveyor belt. This graphene production method is still graphene production from methane and hydrogen but is just more like an assembly line than a single batch. This method was able to produce high quality graphene membrans with no defects. This graphene can be used for everything that scientists believe it can do. This graphene membrane is so perfect it can be used as a filter for purification! Large scale graphene production of this quality will change the world by making graphene commercially viable. This graphene technology 2018 will allow for a reduction in price for graphene and make graphene batteries, graphene superconductors, graphene screens and all manner of graphene products available to the public. This new product worked as a graphene sieve and passed the graphene strength test to show it is just as strong as graphene produced with traditional methods.

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