This is the dumbest thing I've Lower your heating bill... 1 day ago   11:40

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This is the dumbest thing I've ever done... | JayzTwoCents


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Robert Brown
So I have a small suggestion, why not take a small mini fridge wind 2 copper coils of 1/2- I/D tubing. Drill an inlet and outlet hole in the fridge then seal set the fridge temp where you want your computer to run fill system with water and let it fly?.
Sjoer van der Ploeg
Should have put a big radial blower on it!
IMO Cool a PC through a Car Radiator
LMAO! I love it!
dunkel grün
So you build a slightly bigger Version of the Mo-Ra 3 420 from Watercool?
Loke Man
If you have this rig still, you shoul bypas one rad and see the diff, then another. It would be nice to find the actual point of diminishing returns.
Jonny Robbie
Okay but now run it on a Radeon 290
Ramin Cheraghi
Try the car radiator
Niels Daemen
Why not just a singe big car radiator
Karthik Shankar
We want more videos like this !
girg guy
linus has like 3 hosts i want to be a jayz host
girg guy
only one fan???
girg guy
i want to work with jayz to make video ideas
how about extreme LEDing hobbyist presets
how about plugging in power supply endings to the wrong thing and watching what it does lol
yash king
Use it in the ice bucket challenge
Sam Gaming
*Linus left the chat*
Kuma Kuma
What if you tried to connect those rads in parallel instead of series... I wonder if there would be a difference in cooling
Henry Du
Put 4 more radiators on the other side
Simon Allen
wonder what would happen if you were to us a push/pull arragement? Also, it would be interesting to use 32 rgb static pressure fans!!
david S
use a serie of fans back side and front side should be better....
^Yeah at that point the main thing actually cooling your pc is the ac of your room
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Lower your heating bill... This is the dumbest thing I've 1 day ago   11:31

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Does it make ANY sense to harness the heat energy that your PC disperses to replace a purpose-built space heater?

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