COP MESSES WITH THE WRONG LAMBORGHINI Police harassment of Stunt Rider 1 day ago   05:25

Stig's Persian Cousin
I have never tried to bait any police officer anywhere in the world just to get it on video for the views, I always respect them and I always smile but this Oregon State Trooper was definitely the most arrogant, defensive and ignorant police officer I have ever encountered.

I was doing the speed limit, obeying all traffic laws and I was just traveling through Oregon on my way to Vancouver, BC in Canada but this police officer seems to be absolutely clueless about federal and international driving laws.

The car did have plates, Dubai plates, this is where I reside and the car was just temporary shipped to the US for a short vacation. Just like a Canadian driver with a Canadian license plate in the US. Plain and simple. I'm pretty sure if I said the wrong thing, the officer would have just arrested me on general principle!"

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Stig's Persian Cousin
For everyone asking, the car DID have plates, Dubai plates, this is where I reside! Please read the description. I’m not sure why Trooper Rummer considered Dubai plates as no plates but I clearly mentioned this to him in the video as well. I hope this clears any confusion for some people that keep saying I did not have plates.
Control Z
dude couldnt fathom the cost of shipping his personal vehicle for a pleasure Great job man!
sebastian fuenmayor
boy ur car is a mess
judah o reiley
Brilliant 👍
Thunder Chunky
Whopping ego. What a scumbag.
Worst cop NA
Ajshdgf Ajshdgf
State trooper has probably never been outside his home town.... idiot.
Ravioli _boy
Pedro neil
You described that encounter perfectly in your comment
Brianna Rose
It's in oregon. Of course this happens 😂.
baroud khalil
What a dumb offucker it's the name of a fucked up officer
American Dreamer
The cop came face to face with a rich Arab. Remember in America money is king.
Matter Chu
The dumb AZZZ cop is jealous of a colored Muslim guy driving a LAMBORGHINI...
This cop a lowlife! He doesn't know shitttttt..
Simon Welser
Are all police officers like this in the USA? It seems like if you are more knowledgeable and educated as US cops, the chance you are getting to jail is pretty damn high! 😂
A pomeranian puppy
As a STP police we have many bastards like this who get a cr badge and get all bossy and rude which then all their stupidity rises and cockiness as well :/
Not surprising. No difference between American cops & Mafia
Frankie K
I love the part "It's a federal law. He doesn't even know his own laws!"
Tanja Tanja
Because you don't have the money two do what he did you dhum fucking donuts. 😂😂
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Police harassment of Stunt Rider COP MESSES WITH THE WRONG LAMBORGHINI 1 day ago   02:10

trooper Todd Cloud ID#1976
Rider given 3000 in tickets for stuff that only applies to public roads.. Rider transported the bikes in a trailer and only rode on private property... It was closed down store that no regular traffic would have reason to go into. Contact the FHP and voice any complaints-

600 S.E. 25th Ave.
Ocala, FL 34471-2688

Brooksville, FL 34601-8642
800-500-1240 (Florida only)

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